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Getting back into riding (Ballarat)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Shrike, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. So been in Ballarat (Wendouree) since Feb

    I am working here so seems I'll be here for a while

    Orginally from NZ and been riding since 2005, had a few different bikes

    Went looking at the start of the year and almost brought a 2013 Triumph daytona 675 until I found out vicroads wouldn't let me have a full Licence :s

    Got my Victorian Learners atm (Full car licence) and sitting the test on the 1st of june to go onto the Full licence with 12Months restrictions :(

    So stuck with a Lams bike (which will get traded in as soon as the restriction is taken off)

    Hunted around and decided I would go for a CBR500R so looking into buying one atm will be getting one sometime between this weekend and August depending on how things go.

    Been missing riding and my leathers are sitting in the wardrobe unused, last bike I had was a GSXR600 so the Honda will be a step down. I haven't ridden since June last year so potentaily a good idea to ease back into it (still not happy)

    Also whats the deal with insurance over here got quoted 4k for a year if I had brought the Triumph

    Hoping a few people on here are riding around Ballarat so I can find some riding buddies :)

    Anyway thats my intro look forward to any comments :)
  2. Depending on your age and the bike in question insurance can be very expensive, but in the light of theft and accident, it's a necessary evil.
    Welcome along, too :)
  3. Yeah I don't ride without full insurance, its not me screwing up im worried about its the other people who will try and kill me. The full cover means I don't have to chase the other guy my insurance company can do that :p

    I also like having my gear covered (2.5-3K worth)

    Part of the reason it's probably expensive is I am a year off the magical 25 where I suddenly become less of a risk
  4. Welcome Shrike. I'm originally from your current neck o' the woods and get back there now and then.
    Hunt around for insurance - some will transfer your rating from car, some won't.
  5. Prickroads wouldn't let you have a full licence? Tell them you want to do the international licence conversion. They fobbed you off with a load of bullshit! If I could get a licence conversion from the Solomon Islands (straight to unrestricted), then you should be able to get it from a NZ licence! They're being lazy fcukwits!

    Anyway, welcome to Nutrider!