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Getting back into it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mactype, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I stupidly let my bike license expire about 20 years ago and I've recently decided that I'd like to get back onto a bike.

    So, I've completed the pre-learners course and now just have to do the theory to get my L's. My dilemma is that in NSW I'm classed as a 'mature' learner so go straight onto a unrestricted licence once I pass the provisional test. So really only need a LAMS approved bike to get my road craft back up to speed and to do the provisional test.

    The CB250 type of bike just doesn't appeal and frankly anything that fits into the LAMS parameters appears to be overpriced and for a few grand more I can buy something much more interesting, so came up with the idea of just getting a cheap postie bike to do the test on.

    I've now been advised by my lovely wife that a scooter would be much more suitable and she tells me if I buy one she might get her bike license once I'm done with it, which could be a good thing long term.

    I've always looked at scooters as not the best handling things, but have gone and had a look and it appears that the Aprilia 200 Sportcity range is ok and theres a few around second hand. I'd prefer a Madass 125 but the brochure has mysteriously disappeared so thats off the list.

    So, whats everyones thoughts on buying a scooter like this for doing the provisional test and ultimately for my wife to learn on? Any other bikes/scooters I should be looking at.
  2. If you have previously held a provisional or unrestricted license, you do not need to do the pre-L's course. If you do the test on a scooter your license will be endorsed ride scooter only. I am pretty sure that applies to mature age applicants as well as young learners.
  3. Why not have a look at some of the older bikes on the LAMS list? Let's see, you dropped off the radar 20 years ago?? What about a Kawasaki Z650/4, or a BMW R-65??? Remember them??

    Pick one up for a grand and a bit, ride it around for a few months till you get your 'sea legs' back, stuff it in the back of the shed for the little lady to learn on later, and go out and buy yourself a shiny new 900 Hornet.

    See? Problem solved :LOL:.
  4. If you are still fairly confident in riding a motorbike then just remember that when you do the P's test you can hire one of their bikes for around $150 or so. Maybe there is a friend who is willing to let you have a few goes on their bike before doing the test.
  5. I've actually thought of just giving it a go with one of their hire bikes, whats the worse that could happen - I fail!!

    Anyone know if you have to do the whole course again if you do stuff up, or only the bits you didn't pass?
  6. My dad used to own a Z400, god that thing was a heap of junk. Pbly the reason why I got into motorbikes.

    Im sure there are plenty of old bikes that would last you the 3 or so months it would take to get up to speed.
  7. In NSW you cant really fail any part apart from the MOST test, if you fail that bit you can come back within 7 days and reattempt it
  8. My father just got back into riding after about 30yrs off. He just rocked up for the 'back to riding' course (or whatever it's called - seemed just like the full license course), did the days practice then knocked over the test. No muss, no fuss, no previous practice. One unrestricted license coming right up.