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Getting back into it

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dwywit, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Hi folks. I've just given myself permission to get back into 2-wheeled fun. The kids are now grown up enough to look after themselves a bit, and the 15-year-old wants to learn to ride. I used to commute on a Guzzi LeMans I but it's in need of some restoration (fuel system, brakes & cosmetics), and I've got a budget for that.

    In the meantime, I'm looking for a starter bike that the aforementioned son (and 12-year-old daughter) can learn to ride on. There's 2 rather attractive options available locally, and I'm going to trawl the forums here for some opinions, but feel free to add your own stories.

    1. A 2012 Yam TTR250 with 700 (yes, seven hundred) km. Dealer is asking $5750 on the road. Apparently the original owner just didn't get around to riding it much. Hardly any wear & tear at all. Off-road tyres.

    2. A 2008 Kawa KLX250S with 4200km. Dealer asking $4990 on the road. Some traces of wear & tear and a drop or two, but it's obviously had an easy life. Very little wear on the on/off road tyres (still got the nipples on the sides).

    I should be able to negotiate a bit off the asking price of either bike - we'll be buying 3 sets of helmets, gloves, boots, etc - but am I missing anything obvious? I know that the almost-new Yam - still under warranty - is a pretty good deal, but the $800 price difference will pay for a couple of helmets.

    The bike will be ridden by me on and off the road, and by the kids in our yard (I'm on 1.5 acres next to forestry) as they learn.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Welcome!!

    I can't offer advice on the bikes!
  3. Welcome, I'd always buy the younger bike if everything else was equal but that's just me. You might get some enlightened comparisons from some of the guys that have owned or ridden them, I haven't.
  4. Thanks - I've been browsing this and other forums and the TTR seems to be popular - especially after a few tweaks such as a new pipe, removing an airbox restrictor, and re-jetting.
  5. Welcome to NR(y)