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Getting back in the saddle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cheazdad, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. #1 cheazdad, Jul 14, 2016
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    Well it's been about 20 years since I stepped off my Honda CBR 1000 F, and at 56 I've decided to get back on again and enjoy the feeling that riding used to give me, except this time it's going to be with my wife as a passenger. Looking at getting a SUZUKI GSX-1250FA, second hand probably a 2011 or 2012 model and ride solo for a while until I get my confidence and skill back up again before putting my wife in the saddle, and suggestions would be great about starting off again.

    and I'm a little nervous to be honest...

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  2. welcome aboard :)

    Just take your time and enjoy being back on two wheels
  3. Nervous is good, streets ahead of brashly confident.

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  4. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR..

    It's a good plan... All the best..

    Also, might be a good idea to do a few training courses.

    Where are you based?
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  5. welcome to Netrider and back to two wheels cheazdadcheazdad ....you will not regret it :)
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  6. Your thinking ....... "How great it will be back riding again" ..... I suspect :)

    Wecome to NR
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  7. Welcome to NR mate :). Do any training courses available in your area and concentrate on the basics, bikes have changed big time in 20 years so take your time and get to know the new girl and get plenty of solo time in before throwing the SO on the back.
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  8. Welcome mate,

    Maybe even head down to a practice session if you're in Vic or NSW just so you can get the gist again.
  9. And you'll definitely be thinking 'why did I stay away for 20 years?!!!'

    And 'dammit, should never have stopped '

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  10. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.I agree with what everyone has already said. You have ahead start being a return rider but you need to start gently and build your skills up again and that takes time. I know you are just going to love riding again.
  11. Hi cheazdadcheazdad welcome.

    You are in exactly the same position I was in about 5 months ago, same age although I was
    out a bit longer than you, apart from the occasional ride on other people's bikes.

    I had largeish road bikes but the last bike I'd ridden (about 5 years ago) was a 400 trail bike so
    when the Harley dealer said let's go for a test ride - on a 1200 Sportster - I was more than a little
    nervous too! How long did it take to remember what most of it was all about? For me, about 20
    seconds & 400 metres! Halfway through the test ride it was give this one a go & see if it suits you
    better, a 'Big Twin' Low Rider, only 1600 cc! The Sportster suited me better, I'm not so tall.

    While I felt reasonably confident riding a bike again very soon it occurred to me only recently, riding
    back from Wiseman's ferry by myself, that I was only actually becoming REALLY comfortable riding
    after quite a few months. I'm of the opinion that riding these things is 90% basic ability (which I never lost)
    and 10% the little subtle things & senses (which I had definitely lost). I've had a few scary moments but
    by taking things at a slower pace (having a Harley helps, it's a cruise along, smell the roses sort of bike,
    sport bike owners comment whenever you're ready!) I'm doing fine & loving it.

    My wife is enjoying riding again also, she can ride but her only bike has been a KX80 dirt bike so she's
    happy being a pillion.

    All the other posts are wise words as well, it will take time. Enjoy!
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  12. Good idea getting back into riding, I had a bit of a break too and got told I'm in the high risk category "the returning rider" but I think I ride much safer now than in my earlier years. I'm happy to cruise along and take in the scenery, have other riders pass me on a twisty road, and have chicken strips bigger than KFC. Just take it easy, start with shorter rides in nice weather and it's like riding a bike...
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  13. Welcome back into the world of two wheels. I did the same things a few years back at a similar age and today at the age of 62 am loving it more than ever, and that too on a sportsbike with crazy power. Ditto to what the others said about the training. I was like a brand new rider at the age of 56 and thanks to CSS today I'm comfortable on both road and racetrack. You're never too old to learn.
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  14. Melbourne based and im thinking of doing a stay upright course, im only a few years out of cycling as well that I had to stop due to a boneidleoptermy which caused irrational thoughts where I firmly believed that riding up hills would be easier with a motor and that any ride that causes my posterior maximus to ache worse that the (imagined) aftermath of a prison shower means that while I believe I have a butt that could crush walnuts, the reality is that a more comfortable seat was also in order. I also figured that i would also be less visually polluting wearing dririder gear than Lycra ( or glad wrap as I call it) Ah the cruel reality of not being 20 anymore.

    everyones advice has been spot on and i appreciate it, as I said I'm thinking of a stay upright course and I'm not aware of any other training courses that might be more targeted towards a returning rider.
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  15. Welcome back, plenty more years for you to enjoy riding..
  16. thanks
  17. What are you thinking? Well I think you're thinking along the right tracks again for a start!

    Welcome back...

    Go wander around the bike shops, look for new gear, test ride bikes, pop down to Say practice at Elwood and meet the local wildlife (don't feed them).
  18. thanks for that, who are these guys in Elwood again i can't locate seem to locate them?
  19. good on you mate I reckon your thinking is spot on! welcome to NR cheazdadcheazdad!
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