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Getting back in the saddle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by FakeJimmyMorgan, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hello,
    My name's Jim, Im from SA and after the birth of my first child I had to sell my beloved bike (it was heartbreaking) to pay some of the medical bills. The silver lining is that there is a bike in need of TLC in my shed and the plan is to take the $$ I would spend on a secondhand bike and get this one up and running again.
    So that's why I'm getting back in the saddle. If you've any experience with the Suzuki GS500 I'd really appreciate your help.

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  2. Gday mate, welcome, lots of GS500 stuff on here. Try out the search function.
  3. Welcome Jim, the GS500 is a pretty straight forward bike, it should be easy enough to get going again. How long has it been sitting?
  4. G'day JimJim and welcome to NR.
  5. its sat for 3 years. Carbs will be taken off, stripped and boiled and will go through fuel lines one by one. check brake fluid and oil levels, if I get it running id rather warm up the oil then dump it. Might stick new plug and air filter in first to give it best chance of firing.
  6. sorry to hear Jim but they are called a seat not a saddle
    and you sit on them not in them
  7. Ok, tyres may be hard after that time. Inspect them for cracks etc. First things first though as you say just get it running. Battery is probably stuffed, try and charge it but you may be up for a new one. Jumper leads from a car battery are worthwhile to give you a bit more start capacity. A can of "Start ya Bastard" or equivalent may help. Carb gaskets and seals may be perished. check that as part of the carb overhaul.

    Good Luck.
  8. welcome aboard :] good luck with the bike
  9. If you are still having problems with getting it running in 6 weeks time. I maybe able to give you some help if you want it.
  10. thanks all for the kind words
  11. Welcome FakeJimmyMorganFakeJimmyMorgan good luck with the GS500. Plenty of very knowledgable folk on NR to call on. :)
  12. Welcome back..
  13. thanks for the tip. Shall record it in my diary of newly acquired knowledge.
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  14. yeah my gs sat for 4 years all i did was replace the fuel and charge the batterry and presto it worked ... i did have to replace the battery due to not wanting to start in the cold mornings tho just remember to drain the carbs
  15. I love uplifting posts like that. Have just cobbled some gear together for a bike bench. Old modular Rainwater tank stand and one of those wheel locks from Supercheap Auto. There's going to be less back ache for me now. Thanks all for the positivity and advice. Am also getting somewhere on my handlebars quest which is handy.
  16. how far have you gone with it
  17. all the way
    oh you mean his bike
  18. from lots of reading on GStwin and contacting some OS people it sounds like my bike originally came with the single piece bars or had the clip ons added as an option before delivery. Some places in the UK sell clamps and risers that have one bolt that can be used on my standard top yoke. Alternatively I can source a different top yoke and have a second complete bar setup. As I hope to change the springs in the forks I'll probably source a secondhand yoke from anything up to 2000 and then take some time for refurbishment.

    The Bike itself:
    Ive been through both sheds and grabbed all the bags and boxes of bolts and assessed what parts I will definitely need. general service bits on order and fuel lines etc are sourced from rep and the like easily. Got the battery on charge with TWO chargers to see if some life can be jerked back into it but not holding out hope.

    The Bench
    Tank stand. two pieces of angle to be welded between the legs to help spread load. Bolt on wheel lock and have two treated pine sleepers for either side.

    unfortunately I'm back to work after 10 days off crook (when I had plenty of time to do the appropriate googling) so that will be me until the weekend.

    In other news happened to see my old bike on gumtree for double what the little s#!^head paid me for it. grrr. More mad at myself for falling for the con.
  19. ITS GOING!!!!!!
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  20. have been riding it for a few weeks now and slowly refining and adjusting things. Wasn't without its gremlins and dust and grime can be a pain in the arse. So the Works:
    Cleaned carbs many many times
    replaced all fuel lines (will go tygon soon)
    New battery
    new tach cable
    dash repair and respray
    sand blasted header pipes and applied many coats of ceramic aluminium and clear. (thee months on still look good)
    replacing bolts for stainless socket head type.
    replaced seals in front master cylinder (still wouldn't bleed so grabbed a whole setup on eBay for $30)
    touchup on frame with wittily kilts aluminium
    replaced diaphragm in fuel tap (next time it goes, the whole tap will go)
    SonicSprings .80kg springs
    New top plate and touring handlebars
    New keyless fuel cap as the original broke
    Top box and luggage rack RJays and Shad
    LED dash lights (still a gremlin there)
    New front tyre (now they match)
    dual pod air filters as the jetting was already 125/40
    personalised plates (they were off my car sitting in a cupboard so took them to Service SA and had them transferred)

    Still to go:
    new sprockets 15t (down one on the front) and 39t (stock)
    new chain
    Tail tidy (not extreme, just above the bottom lip of the numberplate)
    does anyone know of anywhere that just sell 520 o-ring chain off the roll? I don't really care about paying $100 for a chain. If its good enough to get used in heavy industrial machinery then its good enough for a 1990 motorcycle in my book.