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Getting back in the game!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MihirR, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! I actually joined almost 2 years ago but I've been out of riding for a while now. recently picked up a new bike (my first bike actually :biker: ) and loving it! Royal Enfield Bullet 500 - it's a bit on the slow side, a very relaxed ride lol, just something to play around with modifications till i get off LAMS

  2. Welcome!
    Better late than never.
  3. Welcome to NR and to the world of motorcycles! (y)

    Royal Enfield, eh? Enjoy the ride.
  4. Welcome back. Interesting choice with the bike - I know one of my mate is planning to get one, he reckons it's better than the Bonneville and plans to turn it in to a cafe racer.

    It'll be good to know your thoughts on Enfield.
  5. Actually the guy I bought mine from was getting rid of his Enfield because he got a bonneville. Didn't like the lack of power on the Bullet.

    I'm planning to turn mine into a cafe racer/bobber mix up as well. They do wear there modifications really well. But they are an absolute pain to maintain, mine broke down yesterday. I was stuck on the side of a road for 5 hours, borrowed tools for a spare parts dealer to try and fix it. Ended up storing it in the warehouse of a local business.
  6. That's not good. I thought the export quality was better than the ones they make for Indian roads.

    Also - I noticed you have a GSX600 as previous bike and you are on your LAMS? Did I miss something?
  7. Haha, not a previous bike, belongs to my brother.

    The newer Enfields with fuel injection are much more reliable. I just seem to have found the exception. Although that could have something to do with its previous owner.