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Getting Arrows installed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Reido, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Getting the arrow slip ons put on the street triple on Tuesday. got to say the wait is nearly killing me!!!

    may need to leave the stock exhausts at PS for a bit as they're a bit hard to carry home in the backpack :rofl:
  2. You want the old ones.

    Change them yourself.
  3. Keep the old ones definitely.

    Arrows sound mint, heard a few triples around Broadford at an advanced rider course, sound like a highly strung BMW 6 amazing.
  4. Get the arrow, come in your pants.

    Keep the old one, or you'll be in deep ShIt come trade-in or if the cops put a canary on yr bike.
    Btw...please remove the built-in removable baffle, or ask them to during installation, and remind them to change the mapping on the ECU, to suit it.

    Then go listen to the sound no other bike can make! :))
  5. Now I'm tempted...
  6. good choice, mine had these soldered tabs holding the baffles in, get them to cut it so the baffles can be taken out.
  7. Dont admit to illegal things on a public forum.
  8. sorry, who's mother are you?
  9. If you want random stops by cops then go ahead.

    I didnt say dont do it but admission to it is dumb.
  10. #10 Dougz, Dec 18, 2011
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    Yeah, because the cops know a bloke called gogoplata or whatever :roll:
  11. it isn't illegal though, if you cut the extra soldered tab it gives you the option of taking them out like any other exhaust as the baffles are held in by metal clips. I leave mine in of course :)

    some others didn't have this metal tab thing, but it's a lot easier to remove without damaging your exhausts or the clips prior to installation so something to look out for.
  12. It is in NSW at least, i would expect it is in other states as well

    $200 fine for

    Modifying or repairing a vehicle so that its noise control equipment is made defective, is not securely in place, is missing, or has temporary noise reduction devices or packing fitted (clause 19)

    Its very borderline if it isnt something that you shouldnt boast about.
  13. I think you'll need to see them to understand and if it's borderline why assume they are illegal? No one is boasting, dunno how you came to that conclusion. I didn't even imply I had mine done, re-read my original post, it's scary you go to all that trouble searching for links and editing your posts to claim authority and don't read my original post :(

    Back to the original post and if it helps the op... They are held by circlips that won't compress because of the extra weld. You could argue they are temporary or not securely in place but that could be said about any exhaust with a removable baffle (hence the word removable..), be it with a screw, circlip etc, stupid arguing semantics really.. If you are paranoid like the other poster, best to check with your relevant authorities!
  14. Drove back to Sydney from Canberra today. The only time I got below the speed limit was to change a blowout and pulling into the servo just near Exeter. Even passed an unmarked I had id'd at almost 130 (130 indicated).
  15. I edited my post to take out your quote.

    I didn't search, I already knew. Know thy enemy.
  16. You really should be running your tyres higher than 130kpa, probably twice that. Didn't it feel weird when you tried to turn?