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Getting approval off the Mrs for upgrades

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. It seems that when trying to get approval off the Mrs to spend $ on bike upgrades, the more you throw in the word "improves safety" the higher chance u have.
    I have recently had about an 80% chance of approval with this method.
    I can't believe it's taken me so long to work this out.
    Hope this may help others out.

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  2. I can't believe you have to ask your missus if it's ok to spend your money:wtf:. How do you get your basejumping activities approved?
    Taking off for a week or so on a solo trip, fair enough that's negotiable.
    But, a good strategy nonetheless. well done.
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  3. "Honey, I need a turbo for my 'busa. It's purely for safety; the faster I go, the less time I'm on the road and therefore reduces chances that I'll be hit by a car."
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  4. So the better LONG TERM strategy is to get her on her own bike, enjoying rides with you. That way she will want her own upgrades and fully understand your 'needs'
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  5. Or..a faster bike will allow me to come home faster. To you so we can enjoy more time together..
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  6. Wouldn't that mean your bike upgrade budget gets halved?
  7. Honey, it only cost $80, honestly......
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  8. :hilarious:
  9. You know, with the amount of bling available for any motorbike, the strategy would be to get your partner to ride, get them a bike and then when you want something they'll want it too for their bike and everyone is happy! :)
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  10. Tis always better to ask for forgiveness than for permission! o_O
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  11. And besides dog houses are pretty comfy these days ;)
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  12. Yes, yes it does. In fact more than halved if she gets something Italian. I know this from personal experience. Apparently 'go fast' bits and modifications on a 750 Monster are more important than similar mods on a Bandit 1200. Her reasoning to me "Your bike already has 100hp, mine doesn't. Suck it up princess".
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  13. Or escape more effectively
  14. But you can't say that..can you?
  15. Even if you do, you'll have a turbo 'busa below you to not hang around long enough to cop the consequences.
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  16. You have that the wrong way around, it's always better to ask permission than for forgiveness. If you know each other well, have respect and understanding, most of the time the answer will be yes. And if it's no, then asking for forgiveness is no worse.
  17. It's always better to keep your money as your money and do whatever you like!
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  18. She likes to sleep and I like BASE jumping under the moonlight
  19. I said to my wife I need a new bike for safety reasons, I need a bike that goes from 0 to 400 kph (No that's not a typo) in 26 seconds so I can get out of any danger that may present itself, that's a Kawasaki H2 (Supercharged litre bike). She's not convinced yet.
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  20. I've been married 28 years. We've had the same financial arrangement since day one. What's hers is hers and what's mine is ours. It's worked well so far.
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