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Getting an RGV for first bike? good idea?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nightshine, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. I'm just about to get my first bike on my RE licence and what I've been told is get a less then favourable bike, then when I get onto my R licence after a year of riding upgrade to my dream bike.
    Another option I thought was to get something like this an RGV? it sounds amazing and someone I know is selling one for a decent price.
    So would you think its a good idea? if I got something like this I could keep it for a few years then upgrade.
    On the other hand, its one of the fastest bikes I could buy for my licence class, do you think it could be too much?
    Hows reliability on these models as well, the one I'm looking at is a 96 model, with under 1600KMs on it, had an engine rebuild at 13000, sounds good.
    I know its ment to be a Leaning over sports build or what ever, so I guess its not going to be the most comfortable thing? I'm going to be using the bike as a daily commute.

  2. pmsl @ "motogp build" thats a new one!
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  3. Changed, happy knob face ? :)
  4. Way to solicit helpful advice, champ...
  5. From his response I could tell that he isn't going to be giving me any advice, I guess the same could be said for you huh.
  6. shit bike for daily commute.
  7. Is an RE licence like a learners permit. If so you might find that the RGV not allowed.
  8. Its a little different comared to over east here in WA, we use a motor class system instead of power to weight ratio, so an RE licence lets me ride anyting <250cc, including the Suzuki RGV, Honda NSR, RGV250 etc. Pretty much all the bikes which are banned under LAMS we're allowed to ride, as far as I'm aware.
  9. I wouldn't buy it for a daily commute. You'd hate it and probably needs a rebuild at the end of every year.
  10. And revving its tits of for any power... might get annoying. And 2 stroke oil is yet another thing to worry about in the daily grind.
  11. I have one, its not good in traffic. It doesnt make power where you want it. If you are a learner it would be worse as you would be scared to rev it.

    Get the ninja/cbr like everyone else.
  12. I was actually about to chime in with some advice.
    But then I stroked the knob on my face and thought better of it ;)
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  13. revving its tits is what makes it fun................red line the ficker till someone tells you to shut your lawnmower down :p..............
  14. I have to say i would buy an RGV in a heartbeat if i were on my fulls...

    Do it.
  15. Who you calling Knob face you fucking little weed.
    My point is that is got nothing to do with any type of "MotoGP" build you stupid fool. You wanna start giving insults over a forum you fucking weak little man.

    Grow a cock FFS.
  16. lol - on his face? - lol

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  17. You have a go at me for a little dig then you go and have a tantrum?
    Talk about pot calling the kettle black.
    Had to laugh at the PM you sent as well, must of really hurt your ego.
    Anyway, what I was trying to get at was the leaning over position how comfortable is it for long distance rides
  18. Owned a '90 RGV250M waaay back. When I 1st test-rode it "round the block" so to speak, just coupla mins ride, returned with slightly sore back muscles & wrist! Seller told me, "You get used to it after a while". He was right, I bought the bike & was a happy camper!

    1 thing to check - have come across 2 RGVs with this symptom, mine was 1, discovered as I was about to sell the bike. The alloy swingarm - they don't take well to punishment, and are prone to cracking! You need to reach behind & carefully check the parts/braces surrounding the shock.

    They're manic machines, great fun to have, but being strokers, not good for daily long-distance commute. GL!