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N/A | National Getting a Warning for Speeding Fine - All States

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. VIC








    Sample letter(s)...

    Officer in Charge
    Traffic Camera Office
    GPO Box 1916
    Melbourne VIC 3001
    Traffic Infringement Notice: xxxx (Obligation: xxxx)
    I wish to request that this Traffic Infringement Notice be converted to an Official Warning.
    My Victorian driver’s licence number is: xxxx
    I have a good driving record over the last two years, and have not been issued a speeding fine, traffic fine, or official warning within this time.
    On the date and time of the offence, I was [insert good reason why you should be let off]
    [insert more/another good reason why you should be let off]
    [insert hardship/sob-story], my financial budget would be better if I could spend the $xx on my mortgage instead of the Traffic Infringement Notice.
    Due to the situation above, I would be grateful if the Traffic Infringement Notice was withdrawn and an Official Warning issued instead. Thank-you.
  2. Heh. Cute. Can you draft me one for "I know I've been recently busted for doing wheelies and twice doing 24 over, which is coincidentally the exact amount the hairdryer guys would write you down to if you were doing a lot more than that but they didn't want to be bastards and make you lose your license, but can I still please get a warning?"
  3. in victoria if you have a clean record for 3 years and you only get caught doing upto 5 ks over you can ask for a warning only. my freind done it recently and it worked but you can only do it if the fine is for under 5 klm over the limit.
  4. Doesn't apply in NSW; you have to have a clean record, car and/or bike, for ten years....
  5. anyone know who u would write to in NSW?
    pulled over and booked for running a red light.
    10 yrs is a bit steep hornet.
    Just wana get a fine reduced for my freind poor student :(
  6. Actually it works for more than that, i did a letter for my inlaws a month ago when they were caught doing 7kmh over (alleged speed, actual was 10kmh) and they were let off.

    You don't need all the sob story BS.... just write the letter with the details, state your clean driving record and how remorseful you are, you know it was wrong etc and it will never happen again etc and thats it. They don't care about your sick grandma, loan repayments etc.
  7. Sorry, I don't make the rules, just found this out when I tried to apply for
    leniency myself a couple of years ago :(.
  8. Actually, in Victoria a clean record for 2 years and busted for less that 10 kph over the limit (a one demerit point offence) means you can ask for and will receive an official warning. It was three years but got brought back to two last year I think.
  9. It's alright Chris, homer and his bullshit have been ... ummm ... sent away. Good to see you back mate :cool: