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Getting a Second Opinion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, May 3, 2008.

  1. I actually got the cash in my hand (sadly it won't be staying there long) and waved goodbye to the little GSX400F today. It's off to its new life as a young bloke's first bike at Mt Isa.

    I had to replace the rear brake rotor on it for roadworthiness, and the guy I went to got one in the next day. I'd kept asking him about it, unable to believe it could happen that quickly, after the experience of waiting something like 3 months for the replacement rings for it last year. I asked him about that, and he said "Oh, i could have got them in much quicker than that" - and I believed him.

    (I'd only ended up going to him because the people I'd been using before had gone bust and their workshop phone been redirected to his shop.)

    Dammit - if I'd done a bit of ringing around for myself last year, rather than trusting and waiting on the mob who had the bike, maybe I wouldn't have spent months on end travelling on the bus.

    Too late to help me that much, although at least I have a much more competent new mechanic to work with, but maybe my experience can be useful to someone else... it might be worth getting on the phone if you're told parts will take a long time to come in.

  2. Absolutely, and never assume the large dealers will be the quickest for parts. I've tried ordering Suzuki parts from PS in the city and been told either it'll be at least 2 weeks for them, or that they were simply not available. In all instances I've been able to get the same parts here, usually without any delay at all (since country bike shops seem to carry a much bigger supply of spares). Even when I've had to order parts in they've never taken longer than 1-2 days.