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Getting a second opinion...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    Since my recent incident with the "ROSSI POSSE" and breaking my collarbone i have some updates and some questions.
    I went to hospital with Lil on wed. After seeing the first doc he said " if the bones have not connected then i will need an operation" From the X-ray i have no bone connecting my right arm to my shoulder at all. This worried the Doc as the gap is to big for new bone to grow and sort itself.
    So i come back from x-ray and get another doc , he really didnt even make eye contact. He sat down looked at X-ray and said "stop smoking, no operation as its not worth the hassle, could be to complicated and over time it will eventually join." Wrote me a sick line for 6 weeks and then left the room.
    Didnt know what to say as i needed time to process the info.
    So first doc says... too big a gap, wont heal properley, needs a pin.
    2nd doc says - tough shit, dont smoke and stop riding bikes, your own fault, i dont care, get over it ......NEXT.

    Well kinda felt like that.

    Now this is my arm thats fcuked and i want it fixed so id be happy to get a pin put in. Im no doc but from the x-ray i got buckleys chance if it fixing itself. its fcuked in 3 places and I need to have it fixed.
    Now apparently if its the same in 6 weeks i might have to get an operation, so that means maybe 3 months off. TAC pay for it but im still bust.
    I would like to get a 2nd opinion but dont even know where to start. Seems like the Doc on the bad day coulnt really give a fcuk about my arm, so i want to find another way to get the mending process started.

    So can anybody offer any advice on a way to get it diagnosed properley, its my frikin arm and i dont want to have a gimp limb cos some fooktard on a bike has to be first through a corner. Thanks "ROSSI POSSE"
    If eric cant submit some names of the guys he was riding with then i may just have to get the police to talk to him. Im being harassed about the crash cos another rider was involved, and i may not get the full TAC cover, and these fcukers have caused this due to thier fcuking EGO's.
    my bike will be up for sale soon, wont be riding for a long while and goin to need the money.

    so im pissed off, VERY fcukin pissed off,
  2. Hey Stookie,

    This is coming from someone who has had to get a few ops due a couple of accidents that I will only refer to as the 'incidents'.

    It's best to hunt out a specialist yourself if you can. I find the Sports Physicians can be a good place start to get a second opinion whether further work is required, and they have very good contacts further up the line (ie Surgeons and Dr Nick Riveria). They will also give you a few options about whether to go surgery or not as sometimes it can be 50/50.

    This may not be a cheap option with out the TAC's help or Private Healthcare, which can be political minefields which I will leave you to too try and sort through.

    Good luck with it dude and heal well. :)
  3. M.O.G

    Melbourne Orthopaedic Group

    The are across the road from the Avenue Hospital in Windsor

    If they cant fix it it cannot be fixed. Those blokes are magicians. Ask to speak to Mr. David young 95106828 or Greg Hoy 9525 1833

  4. be aware im a temp resident and unable to get the medical coverage you guys as ozzies do.
    is it worth telling this to TAC and they might offer some help.
  5. Do you pay registration on your bike?

    If so, then you have paid an in-sewer-ants premium and therefore are covered by TAC
  6. Hi Stookie, it's your health and you definitely need another opinion.

    The husband broke his collarbone (sound a lot like yours) racing up in Bendigo a few (10) years ago. He was off work for three months. It took him a good nine months for him to feel halfway normal and gain some use of it. A few months later we got a second opinion because it was taking so long to heal and were told that it should have been pinned! They wouldn't do it by that stage though :evil:

    Please, please get a second opinion so if something can be done it won't be too late.

    Please keep us updated on your progress and I hope things go well for you.

  7. I'd be following Vic's advice (did I really say that? :shock: :LOL: ).

    Go get yourself a good orthopaedic surgeon. The second bloke you mention sounds like he's put things in the too-hard basket.
  8. something can be done. thats crap that they seem like who gives a rats. get another opinion mate..
  9. have you got private health insurance or if TAC is paying do you get to nominate a surgeon of your choice? (and consult one for free?)

    my girlfriend's father is (i believe) an extremly good orthopaedic surgeon, if you can i'd recommend a consultation with him, i don't know what his bedside manor is like (very busy man so straight to the point) but he is very qualified. (surgeon for the richmond football club etc etc.)

    http://www.aoa.org.au/fell_shoulder.asp there's the contact details for his practice.. don't mention it happened on a bike - when i get off restrictions i want to take his daughter for rides and bike crash stories won't help my case :wink:
  10. If he wants TAC to pay for it, which it's obligated to do, then he has to know how it occured.

    Stookie, if TAC is giving you hassles, and you feel up to it, try the talkback lines, 3AW or ABC Melbourne. You're sure to elicit a response if Mitchell or Faine raise enough ruckus over this.

    As Vic said, TAC will cover you for all your bills. Or it should.

    Exactly what is your status? Are you on a tourist visa, working visa, what? What can you do about Medicare? Are you paying taxes, etc. here? Permanent residents can apply for a Medicare card. Not sure about other types of residents, though. Dept. of Immigration can also "help" if you're game to deal with anyone who works for the Aust. Public Service, that is...

    Good luck, mate.
  11. My husband copped a hard time when he did his collarbone ...."motorcycling is dangerous blah blah blah".

    Husband turned around and asked him how many football players he treated in a week compared to motorcyclists. Stuffed them up and they admitted footballers and basketball players made up a huge percentage of their business!
  12. Maybe get intouch with G , he may be able to help you on this . I hope things get better for you soon.
  13. I'd get a second opinion medically for sure. Then, I'd be contacting a solicitor/ lawyer and organising to subpoena(spelling?) to get the names of the people that caused the accident, and consider sueing them.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Doubtful anything those guys have to say will make any difference to Stookies treatment, but if it would then all he has to do is give the guys name to the cops and they will go and ask him nd he will say he wasnt there, end of story. There is no need to engage a lawyer to handle that.

    POiuntless excercise anyway cos its not like they are gonna admit to causing an accident, or even being there - there is no proof unless they admit it, which they wont.

  15. None better anywhere. They did knees in our family and all great.
  16. FYI: Only these countries have reciprocal rights to Medicare, i.e. Treatment that is immediately necessary...

    New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Malta and Italy

  17. The Doctors Vic quoted are the best in the state they do a lot of work on elite athletes and citizens who have been referred to them.Iwas referred to Doctor David Young years ago and he fixed a problem that a lot of other Quacks told me didn't exist.Get a referral from a good sports physio.
  18. but that will not be covered by tac and i cant afford to get this done....will cost loads.....wont it ?
  19. Go into medicare o0ffice and speak to someone in there first (and with your accent maybe an interpreter)
    See what they have to say and ALL your options.
    Does the shoulder feel any better?
    Have you had any more xrays or are you having any in the near future?
    sometimes initial xrays won't show much and followup xrays in a few weeks can revel whether you will need the collarbone pinned.
    In my opinion as a trained sports trainer and therapeutic massage therapist and having dealt with broken collarbones it sounds like you may need to get it pinned.
    bugger to hear about your off btw I didn't read about it till I read this thread.
  20. ..not if we all ride round there and leave our engines running in his car park till he promises to do it for free...... :LOL: