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getting a roadworthy

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sandog, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Ok peeps i was on the verge of selling my FZR250 pending a roadworthy, which i thoght would be easy seeing that id only ridden 600km since i boght it from a dealer in Melb, had never been dropped etc. Anyhow imagine my surprise when the mechniac doin the roadworthy asks for $950 just in parts, before labor.
    H/l needs adjusting (points too hgh)
    somehting about steering head bearings
    new indicator assembly(bcoz one side blinks quicker than the other but i just put in a diff watt globe so should only be $1.70 for new bulb ),
    fairing needs to be plastic welded (dunno why, never dropped it, kicked it)
    pads need to be replaced (ok perhaps)
    brake light doesnt come on when front brake is pulled (yep thats true)
    no reflector on back of bike ($15??? i'll pinch 1 off my push bike)
    right footpeg needs to be filed down coz its too sharp (dunno never noticed)
    bike needs to be tuned as he says it stalls at low speed (never happened to me)
    and it needs a pillion strap (what the F$%^ are these anyhow? i have to get a new pillion seat for this apparently)

    Now i can conceed some/most of these are genuine safety features but since when does a tune up make up part of the rwc??? now he wants me to replace tyres (these were brand new and fitted by the dealer) as they are the wrong speed rating and also now he said i have to get the ignition barrel replaced as you can take the key out while the engine is on. Some of these things sound a bit tight, extreme and dodge. does anyone recommend a good mechanic, i dont want a dodgey one. also, anyone know where i can get a list of road worthy checklists. sorry of this has turned into an essay, im still pretty shocked at being asked to pay 1/3 the bike sale price for "repairs"

  2. want a good mechanic, go to Performance Bikes in Moorabin (talk to Mick), they are good guys, they wont stuff you around and they are cheaper than most.
  3. Yup, take it somewhere else. Which mechanic/shop gave you this? Some very dodgy stuff there. I've heard that places that generally issue car RWC's can be a little easier on bikes but not experienced that myself as never needed to get a bike RWC myself.
  4. that wasn't sharptune in dandenong by any chance was it? i get the distinct impression that they are VERY BORED MECHANICS :shock:

    cant take the key out while the bike is running??? 5 bikes have gone thorugh my garage and i dont think any one of them did that??? the place sounds lke they're full of shit, faring does NOT need to be fully intact to be roadworthy :? sounds like they're full of shyte to me mate.

    mick at performance bikes doesn't do roadies, i go to bennet st bike tune (or gas gas or dandy dirt bike spares or dandy motorcycle wreckers, they go by a few names :shock: ), they've looked after me a few times there. if you catch the boss, he's normally good enough to let a couple of the borderline or non safety things slide.....
  5. CB250 that my wife rode (and later another user in this forum) did that.
  6. Oh jeez, sounds like you copped the "typical bikeshop" serve (when it comes to RWC).
    Many are the same, looking out for suckers to fleece on some ridiculous stuff.
    Tell the guy to shove it up his clacker and take the bike somewhere else.
    Before it blows out, pay him something (but NOT the 50 bux he'll ask for the "check-over) and get outta Dodge.
    If in the Outer East, PM me.
    If that's too far, check around for RWC testers doing cars and ask if they've got a "bike-license" as well, some still do.
    Fix what really needs fixing (bulb/ brakes...) then make a time and bring the bike there, many do it on the spot.
  7. heh, i had to go check that, i thought they didn't but wasn't sure now that i had to think about it. the two bikes in my garage at the moment dont do that and i'm pretty sure the other 3 didn't either, but that might be cos i never tried :? who knows, whatever the case, i wouldn't think that would be a roadworthy item. rip off merchants :evil:
  8. The last two bikes I've had roadworthied, one was at a car dealer that watched me pull up, asked me to use my indicators and had a very brief check over the bike before passing the roadworthy..I guess they figured if I could ride it then it wasnt too bad :roll: My other bike had only the rear pads to pass the road worthy (fair enough) and cos me a whole extra $70, so I wasn't fussed. My ZZR had a few lower fairing cracks but they certainly didnt pull me up for it as she was mechanically sound :shock:

    I would be taking the bike elsewhere to be roadworthied sandog!
  9. thanks for all the advice guys.and girls .It kinda re-affirms how dodgy i think this dude is. Anyhow this guy is from Camberwel Cycles, i reckon i was his only customer and he probaly dined out at crown towers lst night dreaming of the pay day i WAS going to bring in. Eff that!!! Once again, thanx heaps guy, i alwas love it how people on bikes look out for each other (and the best is when you get a nod of acknowledgment riding past hahaha :D ). take it easy y'all..
  10. I second the comment about finding a roadworthy tester with a general licence that does bikes, and not using a bike shop.

    You'll find bike shops are lots stricter than car places on bikes.
  11. I am not so sure this is a bad thing - don't forget what a roadworthy is meant to be for - ie not some bureaucratic power grab or cheap mechanic rip off trip but a basic "is this bike safe on the road?"

    If the price and service is right I would much rather get it done by someone who knows bikes.

    I had mine done by a dealer post crash after I had repaired it - excellent service and $75.00 - they had it for two hours and gave it a good going over - didn't give me any bullsh*t.

    I guess it still comes down to finding the right place and being happy with the people.
  12. i'm with mrblack on that one. if you're competent enough to KNOW that the bike is safe, then fair enuff, find the most lax place you can and go with it. myself tho, i'd prefer a bit of advice and a no-bullshit place, i'm far from perfect :roll:

    dandy dirt bikes doesn't pick stupid stuff (worn handgrips etc) and will give the bike a decent look over. they do a proper roady tho so dont expect to get away with stuff thats blatantly unroadworthy, but if something is just on borderline and not unsafe, they'll normally let it slide.
  13. yeah i totally agree, i dont want the next rider to get hurt for something stupid that i could have fixed and its good that we have RWC (unlike places such as the USofA) just so long as its not abused by people looking to make a quick buck (or $1200). I mean in the end a fellow rider is goin to get the bike and you have to look out for them and do the right thing, we just shouldnt get burnt doing it which is probably what leads people to use dodgy mechanics that turn a blind eye to serious defects for extra payment...ahh well....
  14. Don't forget that a lot of the roadworthy things are cosmetic unless some major electric or mechanical faults. Things like, how much play in the brakes, clutch, do the lights work etc. Most of these can be attended too yourself and some preventative maintenance doesn't go too far astray. Try to keep your bike/car maintained and it'll be easier to get the RWC if you need one in the future.
  15. Theoretically that's fine and it's no good if a real shitheap get's a RWC....BUT....it's all too common that bike-dealers " try to find" sufficient stuff to make a "job" out of it. The "see here, the head bearings are gone!! $350" too often result in adjusting them within 10 mins once the customer is out the door to present the bike (they know will get sold to someone else shortly, hence the RWC) lateron with : " see , all nice and tight now, you know it's a safety item, don't you..."

    Quite rare is the same story for the swingarm bearing, cause they're harder to adjust/ more time/ often special tools etc.

    If you know the bike is good, everything works and nothing's sloppy, stuff the dealers.
  16. I got a no bullshit RWC inspection from Uncle Don's Cycles in Epping.

    Amogst a few little things (which he told me how to safely fix on my own), he pointed out my shocks need attention as they were leaking. He said I could take it to my preferred suspension shop, but I had to bring the bike back within 7 days for final inspection... but for some reason he left the initial inspection date on the RWC sheet blank :wink: . Turns out my forks were shot and had to buy a new set (luckily my mate had a spare set 8) ). Brought the bike back, and as they say; Bob's your Uncle... well in this case - Don
  17. The bike RWC industry got a real shake up a couple of years back, but there are still people out there doing bike RWC's who technically are no longer allowed.

    Check with vicroads for a list of properly registered people - if the phone operators give you a hard time (some privacy crap), tell them that they have out of date provider info on their very slow website and that you'd like them to jolly well give you a list of providers over the phone in your area... or else put you through to someone who knows. (If it sounds like I've done this before, you're right! They put me through to the actual guy who grants RWC licences. He was very helpful and pleasant too... )
  18. anyone know of a reputable place to get a RWC in the sydney area?

  19. Ow... I do all my RWC checks at a car mechanic... and this guy keeps the bike for an entie day... strips the fairings off and REALY cheks the bike over... This guy has picked out things thay I didn't noitce!!! but the best is that he does not want to fix the bike... so unlike most bike places where they are looking for you to spend your money he does not give a toot and actualy does a good job!