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getting a rigid engineered

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by diddss, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. gday new to the forum. thought it would be a good place to pick some peoples brains!
    i have a rigid 76 harley i built in the states and am waiting to import her(thats the easy part) was wondering if anyone new how to go about getting it engineered. have called a round a bit and no one seems to do motorbikes let alone rigids!
    any info would be greatly appreciated

  2. I'm very sorry, I have nothing at all useful or relevant to add to this thread.

    I just dropped by to say that the title sounds like a euphemism. ;)
  3. if your in NSW try a guy called Phill Scott Engineering ( mid coast somewhere) - if you can not find him speak to a guy from Autosport Engineering in Sydney called- Greg Boyl - he may be able to help you track down Phill or have another engineer.

    They mainly did cars but are nice people and like all things that have engines
  4. What state you are in would help

    The RTA used to have a list of approved Engineers in NSW

    The fact that it is a 76 would help.
  5. pm sent, containing details of someone in Melb who may be able to help out
  6. Same in WA, though I haven't looked recently. The main guys who did bikes might have retired by now though.
  7. For Victoria you could try contacting Peter Dunphy - he's the motorcycle division manager of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

    pdunphy @ vacc.com.au
  8. I enjoy it a lot when my "rigid" is "engineered"... :-s 8-[ :grin:
  9. I've got the spec sheets for motorcycle approvals if you want it, stuff like minimum/maximum measurements for forks, bars, etc.

    One thing you'll need to pass is a suspended seat, as a solid-mounted seat on a rigid bike won't pass AFAIK.

    CHeers - boingk
  10. In WA we'll accept a minimum of 150mm (IIRC) of foam instead of a sprung seat.
  11. yeah thatd be great if u could send the measurements thru boingk or post them.
    oh im in victoria aswell..which ive heard doesnt help at all
    thanks mate