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NSW Getting a Racing Licence?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by samsy8, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Racing licence
    i would like to know the process involved in getting a racing licence? given that i am in NSW and currently have done afew track days. However i would like to do more, but im not sure if the cost and effort of getting a racing licence is worth it against afew track days a year. also unsure of the limitations of a novice entering the racing scene at my age.

  2. Hi Samsy you would be best to contact MA nsw ,you have to join a motorcycle club like st George m/c they conduct club days . When you get your licence you start off as D grader and progress from there ,racing is not cheap But it can be done on small budget and what class of bike you want to race
  3. +1 to above Motorcycling NSW has a section on getting started on their web site. Good Luck.
  4. I"m not sure, i think don"t think there would any point to race anything under a 6oocc, due to I"m 95kgs and 6ft. Do you have any suggestions?
  5. There's lots classes,600 would be a good start there's lots of repairable write offs out there. I'm seriously thinking of having a go at the ninja cup 300 cc you can get a bike on the track for 4 grand, plus running costs.for ten years a mate of mind and I ran a side car in the nsw championship and it was a lot of fun and the cost wasn't to bad split by two ,but side cars are different animal . There's also the Bears series for v twins .sad thing is there's only two tracks in nsw now.good luck with it you will have a lot of fun
  6. Contact st George mcc they will guide you through the entire process. Quick and easy with the mnsw portal nowadays
  7. Zxrkev - 300cc would be alright, sidecars don't know if i could trust the other nut job on the bike with me lol.

    Kanga - I"m Newcastle so i was hoping there was something a little closer, i assume i would have to attend some meetings to fulfill the member requirements?
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