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Getting a phone line extended

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thecptn, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. A bit of a question that no one I asked knows, im getting adsl2, and id like to have the phone socket installed in my room, who is actually qualified to do this? and most importantly, how much would they charge?

  2. ten bucks from any hardware store. get a double adaptor for the main socket, and run an extension cable through to the room you want it in. Make sure you install the filter on the main line.
  3. I was going to just that, as there is a socket in my living room, but people trip over it heaps and it makes the place look messy with the wire and all (god im sounding like a woman..lol) and some one was telling me, having the extension more than 3m can hamper line quality.
  4. Don't think so, it never was a problem when I had it like that (although I didn't have ADSL-2). Just run it along the skirting board low down and tack it in place with some small staples; no-one will ever know, and you can take it with you if you move.
  5. do you have any idea what speed you can currently get on ADSL2+? It will be rely on distance from the exchange and line quality. Depending on the speed, an extenstion may or may not hamper overall speed. the better speed you have originally is reason to want to not hamper the line speed by extenstion cords etc. If your line speed is somewhat slow(er), more cause not to worry about the associated costs with getting an outlet in your room for the intetnet connection.

    I think you need an austel approved electrician to do the outlet to make it legal and what not. a quick google on "Austel approved electrician outlet installation", I found http://home.mira.net/~marcop/help_guide.htm which gives some background reading.

    Can't say on the exact cost but when approved tradesmen etc get involved, the best cost to think is "not cheap" :grin:
  6. Ring up FOXTEL, sign up, ( free instalation) get the line installed in your bedroom, they give you a month to decide if you like it, before the month is up, cancel your FOXTEL, bingo, one free phone line :wink:
  7. Why not leave it all in the living room and go wireless?
  8. because wireless is S L O W and unreliable, is why
  9. No problem streeming wireless here 2 rooms away from the modem/router Paul :)
    I have netgear gear.
  10. I have wireless too, and it works just fine :?
  11. I have wireless here too, and at the schools at which I work. But at best it's only half the speed of ethernet....
  12. T'isn't.

    I have an ancient Netgear SuperG (108mbps) wireless router that's hanging off the network acting as a wireless access point. 2 laptops of varying vintages connect to it. One runs Vista, the other WinXP. Neither have issues with connectiviity reliability or speed.

    Best throughput is around 20 mbits. But given that the DSL2 connection is around 14mbps and real throughput is probably half that on a good day, the wireless connection ain't so bad.

    If I were the OP that's what I'd do. Sign up on a plan which supplies a wireless modem and then if they have reasonably modern laptops go wireless. No cables to worry about, no added expense. Just a bit of a learning curve to set up security, etc..
  13. Got wireless here and at work and no speed dropoff.
    Yes transferring files across a network is slower if there are more than 2 people using the same wireless router but for internet connection even adsl2+ like I have here I get full speeds even in the garage.
    capn best get a wireless modem router and just use the laptop/computer wirelessly.
  14. the only machine i have cabled into the router is my gaming machine. and thats only because its next to it and wireless can be funny within a meter of the router. I run on average 3 laptops 1 media center and an ipod touch(The most I have had is 7 laptops in total) on my Dlink(b/g) setup. Was still able to stream 720p rips from the gaming machine to the media center no problems. For file transfer.... use a USB drive. I also use the media center to game on. Wireless is not as bad as it used to be.

    Wireless N gives greater performance(range and speed) and is cost effective too.

    Failing that... buy something Ethernet over power.
  15. yeah get a wireless router or pay an Austel approved sparky to install lines
  16. Just FYI, if you do decide to do a home job, please be aware that if you touch the phone line prior to the point of entry its upto a 10,000 dollar fine . Its unlikely you'd ever get busted though!

    Theoretically, you do need someone with AUSTEL qualification to do the extension, but if you get a splitter you could do it yourself :D
  17. Where is this point of entry classed tho, in the line over the property, inside the wall/under the floor in the junction box, or in the first point on your wall?

    AFAIK, you need someone with a licence to do any work on the lines, most electrical services places will have someone that can do it if you're worried, but i've done some work before... just DON'T strip the wires with your teeth... when someone calls it raises the voltage and a spark will fly betwen the wires, and ones likely to be in your mouth at the time... :-w

    But also, I'd go wireless is net surfing is all you plan to do, if you play games over the net, i woulnd't go too wireless... However saying that, I run my XBMC over a wireless link to one of my PC's and it can play movies even from within a rar file all at no lag over the wireless... :)
  18. It may struggle playing HD movies. I had a go streaming HiDef digital television using the Xbox 360 and Windows XP MCE on a laptop with a digital tuner. It could do it but just. A few dropouts, occasional out of sync A/V. The connection was your standard 54mbit one. Real throughput closer to 12 mbits, maybe up to 15 at times.

    But playing your bog stock 350mb xvids across it, no probs at all.
  19. Yeah, the HD compression rates are a bit higher, and a good HD signal and wireless signal would be required, I haven't used my 360 to play anything yet... If you can try capture a HD signal with what software you have, and then replay on the 360, so that way you can compare the recordng to the playback to see where the dropouts are occuring? :)