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Getting a pants zip fitted

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by dmad_dood, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Looking for someone to install a zip in my jacket so i can zip my pants into my jacket. Looking for someone preferable on Sydney's north shore or in Sydney. Any ideas on prices or people for the job?


  2. Does the jacket/pants already have a zip attachment? If so just get a decent zip from Spotlight and sew it that. My Alpinestars jacket didn't fit to my Rocket pants, so i took the Rocket zip and sewed it to the stars jacket. I've got a sewing machine and in Forestville if you want to give it a go yourself.
    If there's no zip there already it may be a big ask from a couple of amateurs though!
  3. Ive got a zip on my pants and a zip on my jacket (rst pants/alpinestars jacket). The rst zip Is completely different to the alpinestars. Im probably going to by a new jacket soon alpinestars jaws or something like that which will come with the zip insert so if i go down that route i might just have to take you on with your offer :)

    Thanks mate.
  4. If you go to any of the race meeting or events like the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed there is always someone there who does this work/repairs for the riders. I've had the odd job done by these people and they are quick and relatively inexpensive.

    Remember its important that things like zips that secure pants to jackets are correctly installed/sewn and don't fall apart when you least want them to.
  5. There is a guy in Manly Vale, (77 Gordon St) called Joe, who does leather and zip repairs. Phone 02 9949 6742 who does repairs for racers, artificial limbs etc. An absolute craftsman.
  6. Good to see all our advertising is paying off.

    We're in Surry Hills dmad, and connection zippers are fitted securely into the structure of the garments, as they should be.

  7. I moved his post to this forum so relevant business' could find his enquiry, what took you so long ? ;)
  8. Oh you know, been busy with the racing down at Wakefield. Busy last night watching ROSSI KICKING ASS.
  9. I guess a name like ozmotorcylcelaethers says it all. Cheers and thanks everyone for the help. Very exited to get this all done, then superbike school :D