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Getting a gs500f for a first bike. Anything better?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FTO, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, gettinga new gs500f as my first bike, was gonna get a second hand one, but yea don't really trust second hand bikes, (especially wen its been through multiple owners). Yea I know what ur all gonna say, second hand bikes are u friend etc etc. But yea I just wanna get a new bike. If I drop it, well then thats my fault. But its going to be the same price to get fairings replaced, whether its a second hand bike or not.

    I have $8500 to spend on the bike alone. Can I do better that a gs500f? Prefer not to go for a 2 stroke.

  2. youve made up your mind gl luck
  3. Hi FTO , I got a new GS500F for my first bike ,I felt the same about getting a new bike ,not knowing if its been dropped etc.

    I if had my time again ,say I had to do the L's for 12 months etc ,I would still have the GS500F in a heart beat ,you really can't go wrong with this bike, it's piss easy to ride and can do it all ,ride to work ,weekend fun and keep up with a lot of bigger bikes on the rides ,and you can tour on it easy.
    And it's bullet proof ,look after it and it will go for ever.
    Once you take all the stamp duty and the rego and wear and tear into consideration ,the money you "loose" when you trade will be about $2000 give or take ,and for me that was OK ,to have warranty and a new bike knowing ,no one has every drop it etc.

    Having said that ,I would "consider" the Hyosung GTR65OR ,TODAY ....not when I got my first bike 2 years ago.
    Reasons being is , You get the GTR650R in the LAMS mode ,ride it for 12 months or 2 years or how ever long you have to do you L's and P's ,and then get it derestricted and it's a full powered 650cc and ride it for another 12 months.
    You get 2-3 years out of the bike and don't have to buy and then trade and buy again ,loosing money hand over fist.
    But when you trade or sell it ,you will "loose" about $3500 give or take.
    And there not 100% reliable but I haven't heard anyone having much major troubles with them ,just a few little things here and there and the dealers fix it straight away.
    So I would consider the Hyo as well.

    My 2c ,but I know sh1t :LOL:
  4. VTR ...... get a VTR if your a new to riding.. its one of the best learner bikes everrrrrr. and you will learn a shit load on it ... hence it being a learner bike... plus it looks sooo dammmm sexyyyyy... so if your like me and you like your bikes like you like your women then NAKED is the way to go..
  5. The GS500F is a safe choice and is a good bike.

    The Hyosung 650 range are a more modern option, but carries slightly more risk with it.
  6. I love my GS500. I've ridden CBR250RRRRs and the like, and much prefer the way the GS rides.
  7. If you want a new road bike above 250cc under $8,500 there are only two choices: GS500 or Hyosung GT650. (Others like Aprilia or BMW are either out of that price range, or will not be brand new).

    Out of these two, Hyosung looks like more bike on paper, but quality and resale value are big question marks. GS500 has been around for ages and it's well known, while Hyosung is more of a gamble. If you want to go Hyosung way, insist on 07 model (easily distinguished by a black frame) because they are supposed to have most of the problems sorted out.... or so they say.
  8. Kool thnx, btw reason I wouldnt get a Hyo, is because I'm not a tall guy. Around 168-170cm. So yea. But that idea of derestricing the bike after the 12 months is a very good one.

    Im going to a suzuki dealership next sat. Also need to decide what helemt and gear to get. I wanna spend around $700 on the helmet (Shoei), and I dunno how much on the rest. I dont wanna get cheap stuff for protection. The bike brand new is like $8300 and with onroad costs its like, $8700.

    Btw i wanna ask you guys, will I get busted If I put HID's on my bike? Cause my friend has em on his repsol cbr1000 and so far nothing has happend. Also thinking after around 3 months to get yoshi pipes and maybe progressive springs for the front. Have I covered everything? I just wanna make sure Im getting the right stuff, cause I dont know anything about riding gear. Thnx
  9. Mate the GS is gold, its reliable, stable and a forgiving bike.
    Sorry for the sale pitch, (Im selling mine at the moment, its totally immaculate and runs like a dream, always been serviced, selling to upgrade.) its worth a try if you decide not to buy new :wink:

    Good luck with the purchase, you wont be dissapointed :grin:
  10. don't know if its better but the kle 500 might be worth a look. different style but it increases your bargaining power if they know you are looking at something else.
  11. GS500 IMHO comes close to being perfect first bike - way easier to ride than most 250's and can do pretty much anything you throw at it.
  12. A good helmet is about $500.
    Draggin jeans $200
    gloves $75.
    Rossi boots $200

    I got 4 jackets ,and if I had to get one next week ,I would get a good summer mesh jacket around $300.
    It will be fine for the next few colder months ,with a good jumper under it.
    I seen a good AGV lether jacket for $250 at sydney city mc ,at lane cove.
    So for around $550 ,you could get a leather jacket and a summer jacket.

    remember when you buy a new bike ,you get a 10% off store card .
    But you can haggle and get 25% +++ off all your gear when buying the bike the same day.
    I got $1200 worth of gear for $750 ,just ask and they will do it .

    Also if they won't give you to much of the gear price demand.
    A tank protecter.
    Oil .
    Chain lube.
    This stuff ,is about $50 ,cost them like $15.
    All adds up.
  13. yea ive bought everything, jsut have to pay off 2600 more and im done. I ended up getting a new gs500f (black), draggin jeans, some all weather jacket that refelcts light at night, gloves, boots, $700 shoei helmet, bike lock wit alarm, neck warmer with onroad and other dealer charges all added up to
  14. Nice :grin: .

    Congrats and enjoy .
  15. Enjoy.

    Theres a reason why the gs is the courier weapon of choice. As people have said, if you look after it - it will run forever.
  16. Just a hint, check your oil levels often. I rode 3000km on mine and I've noticed that the gearbox started getting bit notchy. I've checked the level and it was right on the lower mark. It took 800ml to top it up to full mark. After reading the gstwin forum I've found out that this is normal :shock: Now I will remember to check it every 1000km.
  17. Congrats on the new purchase mate, just a quick mention if the bike feels a little spongy in the rear (especially if your a bit heavier than 70kg) you may want to loook at adjusting the rear suspension :)

    Mine has never leaked or used oil, i use 10-40w, you could try using a 10-50w as it is a bit thicker.
  18. Mine did. Pretty much all aircooled bikes do over time.

    Strangely enough, my TRX850 which has a reputation for using oil seems to use none.
  19. congrats on the bike mate :p
  20. nice riding kit for first up.a long way from the $300 Yami DT250 2-smoker, denim jeans, cotton jacket, desert boots for mu first ride as broke uni student!