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getting a good 12V charging source on my GS500

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gord, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Thought I'd start a new thread about this instead of just random convo in another thread.

    Its raining so friday beers at the park didn't happen, so I got to work on getting a charger hard wired into the bike.

    It's just behaving odd. The phone says it's charging, not charging, charging, not charging... on a 10 second interval (ish). When the phone is unplugged, it says 'discharging'. All good and well. but why the start stop? I'm not sure if it's actually putting power in, taking it out, or keeping it steady.

    I've tapped into the tail lights, which is constant 12V. Mind you, when pressing the brake, the phone says 'discharging' immediately.

    The bike is currently sitting in the hallway with the wires just twisted together and the accessory on. it was at 50% when i plugged it in.

    51%, win. 49% fail. Just waiting for it to make that one % difference.

    Any ideas why the charge-no charge though? I started the engine and held it at 4000 to see if it was a power generation issue, but same thing. weird.

    You can see the brown (+) and white with black (-) (i'm pretty sure!) in the pictures below. I thought I owned a multimeter, but i move so much I can't find the bastard :-(

  2. Why not just wire it straight to the battery (via a fuse of course)?

  3. Have you got a tail light modulator?

    When I did this on my bike I used a relay and ran it straight off the battery. The relay was switched by the number plate light (because imo brake lights are too important to have fail due to my dodge wiring efforts).
  4. This.

    Sounds like you've tapped into the brake light not the number plate light.
  5. if you want constant 12v, just use a couple eyelets and a fuse on the positive directly to the basttery.
    The other option is to still use constant from the battery to a relay which is triggered by the parklamp, so when the bike is switched off the socket has no power so you wont suffer from any power drain.