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Getting a Compliance Plate

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tnate, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. How does one get a compliance plate for a full import?
    A friend is thinking of importing a bike, but wants to know if it is worth it or not, how hard it is, and what tou have to do to get it.

    Any info would be great

  2. Dude if you find anything out then let me know. I have looked around trying to find info on what's required but I can't seem to come up with anything. I have a suspicion that its not really all that hard but it's kept pretty quiet by design :cry: I have a VFR400R that is obviously a grey import but I can find not 1 thing that has been changed or modded. Still has the on/off switch for the lights & all. I suspect all thats required is some paperwork submitted to the right gov. department but who & where :?:
  3. The on/off switch still being in tact wouldn't pass compliance...I agree with Roarin, I recon compliancing an O/S bike is made to sound more difficult than it is.
    Seriously though..why would you bother unless you are a collector or enthusiast and as such you aren't likely to ride it on the road anyway!
    Bikes are relatively cheap, I wouldn't have thought saving a few grand would be worth the trouble.
  4. there is a monopoly here in Australia (especialy Brisbane and Melbourne) only 4 workshops in Australia are licenced to do compliance on bikes...

    Oddly I have only seen compliance plates from ONE place...

    There are different rules if you are importing one bike and also there are different rules if you are importing less than 15 bikes (but more than one) and yet again different rules if you are importing bikes older than 15 years... eather way you have very little hope of getting a compliance for a bike... you can import them but you can't get a compliance on it...