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Getting a bike without a license

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by julzzz, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys, been reading these forums for a month (great find!) My question is, is it possible to purchase a bike without holding a motorbike license? I am just getting into riding again after about a 9 year absense...I am in the process of getting my L's again around mid february. I have been looking at a few classifieds and have found bikes that I would not mind owning. By the way I am not going to be riding it unlicensed, I will get a friend to pick the bike up....basically I just want to secure a purchase.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Private sale?? Sure you can. you just can't get a loan for the cash unless you get a personal loan. And you can't get insurance for it either.

    My BF got his ZZR250 before he had his L's. He had the money for it in cash from selling his car. my dad picked it up for him & brought it to our house. There it sat, in the shed, for a month as my BF waited for his L's class. Soon as he had the licence, he registered & insured it.
  3. I purchased my bike 2 days from a dealer before getting my L's, so yes you can
  4. Thanks for the reply,

    I guess I can put any potential purchase under a friends name (money is not a problem here)...and then just transfer the ownership of the bike to myself when I get my license...or better still just wait to get my license :)

  5. Cool, undii...but was that before the prelearner rider training or after...as I have not done mine yet.


  6. Hmm, I think you can insure the bike (for at least fire/theft) before getting your licence. Happy to be corrected though :)

  7. I'm not sure if Vic is different from NSW but you don't have to do any pre-learner riding in Vic to get your L's. You can just rock up and do the test, get your learners (if you pass) without any (official) prior riding/training
  8. Thanks mate, yeah in NSW you have to do the prelearnert training before you do your L (theory) test..I think I will just have to be patient

  9. the guy at Swann told him that he can't insure something he cannot legally ride. could be he meant just for accident cover though, and just didn't clarify.
  10. you can buy a bike but a dealer cant legally let you 'ride away' i think thats how it works.
    haveing the bike registered to be ridden may be another matter entirely.

    right ?

    make sure you have the recipt./ proof of purchase.
  11. You can insure anything regardless of weather you ride it or not.....You just wont be covered if you ride unlicensed and come off it, I don't think you are even covered under TAC in that instance also (but that I'm not 100% on).
  12. Yes you can. In my case the dealer rode it home for me, not sure who would cover the bike if he had stacked it but anyway...

    Got insurance as well before I got my licence.
  13. Foxy i think i remember reading or hearing something about (maybe hear , inwhich case is probably not true) that if the vehicle is registered then the driver/rider is cover by TAC.
  14. not sure about no licence at all, but I have bought and registered a non LAMS bike prior to getting my P's...
  15. Short answer: YES, no problems.
    You can buy ANY bike you want without a license. You couldn't get it registered in your name though...
  16. Just buy it in your name or you could be paying transfer fees and stamp dutie to transfer it back to you from your friends name,or he could ride of into the sunset with it :shock:
  17. About 6 months ago a mate I dont see too often bought a brand new R6 from a Yamaha dealer. Managed to get insurance through them too. He is unlicenced.

    OT: When I saw him recently I asked what he will do when he inevitably is pulled over by an RBT or laser gun and he said it has happened already and just guns it till they stop giving chase. These fcuking morons are why motorcyclists get a bad name. If anyone sees a black R6 flying around Adelaide (or pulling wheelies at 160km :shock: , I have seen the video from his helmet cam) then give him a hefty kick up the arse. Wont listen to me :?
  18. if he's unlicensed the insurance would be null and void wouldn't it? :?:
  19. no idea but he managed to get it through the dealer. They asked for his car licence number but did not check about bike licence. If (more like when) he drops/crashes the R6 the insurance wont be paid out so hes wasting money by paying the premiums. But will he listen. No :mad:
  20. yep....most probably registered and insured to someone WITH a license.