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Gettin' away with it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goof, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. It's getting harder and harder these days to find a nice spot to have a fang on yer bike. Let's face it, people predominantly buy bikes to go around corners, and as Fred Gassitt says "I was speeding Officer, 'cos bikes fall over if ya don't go fast."

  2. track days?
  3. There are plenty of places around the traps where doing the speed limit around a corner means an almost certain off... Going very fast in a straight line, although arguably much safer than doing the speed limit around a very tight corner, is more illegal... go figure.

    For me I haven't found a public road yet that will safely let me use my bike's full potential (legally or otherwise) - If you seriously want to wind it out, you can't beat the Island, great surface and safety features (except for the gravel pits near the hayshed as Alex Barros found out :roll: )
  4. yeah, but tracks don't get you from here to over there. And anyway when I said fang I probably gave the wrong impression, I certainly wasn't talking about nor do I condone riding public roads like a race track. That's just selfish and dangerous. But I do like to get along a bit, you know, stick it to it round those bends and over that hill. I am a safe and responsible rider however these days those attributes are overwritten by laws and regulations. I guess what I,m saying is that the freedom and spontanaity(?) is disappearing from motorcycling. But then I guess you could say that about a lot more things these days than just bikes.
  5. Ooooooo yeah!. Roll on Saturday and Aust Superbike School :D
    Can. Not. Wait.
    (Can't afford to do that every week, though).
  6. I agree with that to a degree goof, nowadays it seems that simple pleasures are being put to the sword in an effort to ensure the entire population can experience the joys of life in a nursing home.

    Road use does require a great degree of discipline and responsiblity - and a lot of the time you can ride responsibly well above the limit. Our low speed limits particulary frustrate me - especially when the most of the population is more than comfortable driving above them...
  7. i agree entirely, even with cars etc. the places where you can do this are over an hour away cost an arm and a leg. for someone that goes out everynight for a drive or a ride. I'm gonna go all the way out there and pay?
  8. I think they may have it right in NT especially on the road to Litchfield National Park and may be Daly Waters.
  9. I agree with Marty here :

    Seek and yee shall find !!

    but dont tell the world about them when you do find these roads

    or they too shall be lost

    :twisted: :p :twisted:
  10. Buy a CT110, you can ride it as hard as you want and probably won't break any speed limits :p
  11. I'm not talking about finding roads, just get out a map and look for the squiggly bits. What I am saying is that a lot of the enjoyment has been taken out of motorcycling. You can get pinged just as easily on your favorite bit of road, and the chances of getting let of these days are virtually nil due to the fact that all our Police services are now working to a bench mark system whereby they are required to reach a particular number of bookings per month etc. Add to that the fact that tolerances for what you can get away with over the limit have reduced markedly over the years AND the amount of laws we are required to comply with is ever increasing AND the amount you will get booked has gone through the roof. Why buy an R1? Buy a step through.
  12. A mate and I did some research into how much it would cost to buy a few thousand acres of rural mountain land (closer than the Island) and build a private track (members/subscribers only)... it was an interesting concept (and how the Island track first got off the ground in the early days); a few people raised Insurance issues which always kill any good ideas.

    Anyway, get some finance, find some hilly land and build your own Nurburgring! Charge people $5000 for annual membership (24 hr access to circuit anytime)... there has to be some way to work it :D
  13. this is making me depressed i'm gonna make sure i do a ripper burn out this afternoon to make myself feel better.
  14. Yes, it is indeed a puzzle of the modern industry that bikes are faster, lighter, and accelerate and brake better than ever before, but there's less opportunity in normal riding to exploit any more than a fraction of that ability. And I don't know what the answer is. Having said that, the ability to fiind some clear road from a three lane set of traffic lights is still very satisfying!
  15. Goof mate, a quiet word in your ear. I know you haven't been around netrider long, but talk like that will get you into trouble here. You ride a BMW, as do I. You will soon be told that you have no business talking about "enjoyment" if you ride a BMW. A BMW is just a motorised Zimmer frame for folks too old and decrepid to ride a real bike. So ease off the radical talk like this, or somebody will take your teeth away and you'll have to eat your humble pie through a straw.
  16. Ever heard of Broadford? Go and have a look :D
  17. It's not just about speed Marty, or track days or getting the knee down or doing burn outs or poppin monos. It's deeper that than that, it's about going out for a ride and expecting to be hassled, by the Police by ignorant drivers, by transport inspectors, by whoever. I am not a rev head/ speed junky that rides flat out, my bike is 25 years old and thats how long I have been riding. What I am trying to say is that it is not as fun or as free as it could be. There are so many rules now that when you get pulled over by the Police, guaranteed they can find something wrong, if they really want to. And then you get hit a couple hundred bucks into 'consolidated revenue'.
  18. But goof, that's happening to car drivers as well.