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Gets banned on first attempt, tries harder on second

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by M4rc, May 17, 2011.

  1. Apparently I was taking the piss with my first intro thread, so I'll start again, with inflamatory bits deleted.

    Hi guys! Apparently it's polite to introduce yourself on these forum thingys, so here goes.

    Well, my name is Marc, I used M4rc cause someone had already taken Marc. Nerds among you will recognise that I've used l33t sp34k. I'm from the Central Coast originally, but work in WA.

    I used to ride a CBR250RR, but then I sold it and bought a Gixxer 750. I'm not riding atm, cause apparently cops get cranky when you do 120 in a 60 zone (its ok, it was an industrial area on Saturday night so no danger of kids running about), do wheelies, overtake cars on double white lines and "refuse to stop when being chased by police."

    I have a good lawyer though, so I only got suspended for 20 months this time. Should have got 3 years lol. 5 months to go and really looking forward to getting my licence back. Should learn to only speed in the country where theres no police lol.

    Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all. I recognise a few names here from TWF, howdy dudes, good to see some familiar faces.

  2. Your a Hoon, Tsk Tsk Tsk,

    Hope you got your flame suit on, Hahhahahaha

    Welcome any way, Ive still got 4 months to go,
  3. if u got banned u wouldnt of been posting this 1
  4. Hoon? Yes that's me. I think I'm up to my 7th licence suspension by now, and I only got my bike licence 4 years ago. I've actually been suspended for a greater amount of time than I've been able to ride. Took me 3 years to get my open licence, and that was back in the days where you only had to do a year on Red P's before you could ride a Busa.

    I did get to ride on a gixxer 1000 when I was on my L's once though, that was fun. Jokingly said to one of the guys I was riding with "Giz a go on your bike mate."

    He threw me the keys and said, "If you crash it, you're paying the excess."
    Got it up to 240, realized it was low on fuel, turned it round and gunned it back to Pie in the Sky.

    My 750 isn't quite as fast, but I did get it up to 250 between Lithgow and Bathurst one night, and that was after rocking the M4 at 220 in Friday arvo traffic.

    Flame suit? Oh, I reakon I'll be alright.
  5. Banned/thread shut down and moved = same thing.

    Relax bro, it's all good. I've sorted it out with the mod.
  6. I would suggest you dont put actual speeds up on here,
    Its self incriminating evidence, And they can get you for it,

    But its fun tho, when your eyebrows are hanging off the back of your head,
  7. Self incriminating? Meh. The next time they haul me in front of the magistrate, I'll just say that I was trying to be cool on the internet.
  8. Hahahahahahahahahaha
  9. I wouldn't go making their job easy for them. The magistrate may choose to accept your posts as evidence and believe them over your denial.

    A magistrate may also take my less than subtle hints and childish obfuscation on board, but the grounds on which to appeal are much richer. There is at least a thin veil of ambiguity. It isn't a direct and explicit admission that I did something highly illegal.
  10. What cop is going to be trawling NR after midnight on a weekday, see my posts, and decide it'll be worth pursuing my statements to the full extent of the law?

    Seriously? Do you think i'll actually be charged without a cop catching me, without photograps or video evidence showing my numberplate, all based on heresay on the internet?

    They can try, but I have a very good lawyer. Ex police prosecutor in fact.

    They will fail miserably.
  11. I've always considered internet bragging to be no more legally reliable than telling stories to mates at the pub. Of course, eventually some nub will post videos, won't they [MENTION=16699]raven[/MENTION]. :D
  12. This is my contention.

    Unless they have proof, they have got nothing,

    But I invite all of you to come for a ride when I get my licence back.

    You will see very quickly that this is not "internet bragging".

    I will have already downed two schooners by the time the last rider rocks up.
  13. Perth is a bit far. I wasn't intending to say you were internet bragging, even though that is what you are doing (being able to back it up does not change the fact that your posts are e-penis enlargments). Also, it depends on who you ride with. There are some very very fast riders who post on this site, having seen some videos of them unless you are Sheene incarnate you will be left in their dust.
  14. Nah...he's not trawling the internet after midnight on a week night, he's doing it the next day when he get paid to do it...DAH!

    Anyway, for a guy that has supposedly been suspended longer than he's been riding, you got all the answers...

    It's not that you have to shut up about the speeds, it's just a cautious approach that most of us tend to stick with on a 'just in case' basis.
  15. Video? me?...that'd be pretty boring since I rarely brake the speed limits....oh, except for the occasional track day. Then I do. :)
  16. Interesting thread...
  17. I can definitely affirm that cops, TAC and VicRoads all trawl the bike forums - having had my comments quoted back to me occasionally; there's also been veiled threats made by one organisation about a (truthful) comment of mine on another forum.

    It's unlikely that they would follow up unless they can establish who you are (and since we all know that all your stories aren't really true then there's no need to. :wink: )

    It's still a good idea on an open forum not to broadcast too loudly about specifics (time and place) just in case theyre's been a report.

    Actually that also applies to closed forums - they also register on some of those as well. The advantages of anonymity work both ways.
  18. There's faster and slower riders everywhere. That's life.

    To me, a good rider is one who doesn't crash.
  19. Welcome Marc, have fun here.