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get your shit into gear !!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. how can i....crisis...the most amazing rider of the best bikes ever made that never breaks any laws and always puts the left sleeve of his cardigan on first....HOW CAN SOMEONE AS AWESOME AS ME PUT IN MY APPLICATION FOR MODERATOR WITH THE BUG SAYING I NEED TO ENTER A USERNAME ...

    (it's ok i know it's only a formality and i accept your gracious offer to have me on as a mod and my application is just to keep people like smileedude & Gobberwart happy by having me jump through the same hoops.)

    i promise i won't try swinging the banhammer your way mouth...i've read into netriders history - i can see it wouldn't end well for me...you computer critters are smart.

    also...can i have the title of supreme overlord moderator....which i just made up...the title also comes with the ability to dual wield banhammer's...one just doesn't cut it coming into the riding season.

  2. Bit of time on your hands old son?
  3. *shrugs* already had a bat earlier tonight....figured it's been awhile since i popped in to have a look and was shocked when i received the error message - i was just trying to keep the other members happy by applying instead of simply taking the position of supreme overlord moderator.

    + i found a couple of painkillers left over from dental surgery...never a dull moment....already got smacked in the balls for flicking the womans boobs whilst she was asleep....considering setting up the christmas tree inside her car.
  4. How did i get dragged into this?
  5. every worthwhile thread needs a marine biologist.
  6. Talk about my fish or shut the f up.
  7. african cichlids or guppies?

  8. What part of marine don't you understand?
  9. the a ....always confuse's me.....this is why i brought you into this to educate the stupid like myself....can't walk around with 2 banhammer's and be stupid.....then i'd just be a normal mod with twice the firepower. (with the exception of justus if only for the reason that i know he'd quote 30 paragraph's of shit proving me wrong.)
  10. I could do it in one but then you wouldn't understand :p

    You would make a good mod but I think smiliedood is next in line.

  11. there is already 23 too many mods , and besides
    your good for taking the piss out off , thats your
    job and its your destiny .
  12. you can take the piss out of me still....i'd expect no less ....i'd expect more actually.

    i wonder....do the mods just go all crazy with the banhammer sometimes...like hungry hungry hippos....where they just circle around all the stupid fcukers (myself included) and all just go into a banhammer frenzy trying to clock up as many as they can to see who has the most bans given under their belt at the end...
  14. This site must surely get backed up from time to time, so maybe what we need is just one day a year where for 24hrs everyone is given mod status and the power to ban (and unban) anyone they want. Those still surviving at the end get to go on to be mods for the rest of the year, and the site can be rolled back a day to remove the carnage.

    This would ensure that only the fittest and strongest are selected to breed with admin and create a new race of genetically superior ubermods, and ensure the survival of NR into the next millenium........
  15. That's what I was wondering. I'm far too erotic to be a mod. Erratic.
  16. ...Did someone say something?.....

    word word word word word
  17. Can we vote on new mods? Crisis is too smacked out on painkillers, the mush mouthed clown

  18. Bring back Blabs as an UberMod
  19. Christ no

    sigh, word word word?
  20. At least he has an excuse. Lucky, lucky bastard. :LOL: