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Get your motor running!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Argon, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Hi i'm Daniel
    and my bike is a suzuki intruder 750.
    I like rock music, kustom kulture and ride my bike...
    i'm here to meet free bikers like me
    and to learn more about motorcycles...
    Hi everybody :grin:

  2. welcome aboard mate

    have fun out there and in here :)
  3. Hey Daniel

    Welcome. Where ya from?
  4. Hey Daniel...welcome to the forums.
  5. I'm from Itlay,
    center Italy
    now it's 2:50 am and it's raining,
    maybe tomorrow good time for ridin'...

    and what's up there!?
  6. Hi Daniel, welcome to our forum.
    At last count we have a French rider, a couple of Americans and a Canadian as members here, I htink, getting to be a real little United Nations, and a good thing too.
    I ride a 600 Hornet, and I believe that it's a very popular bike in Europe?
    Enjoy :grin:
  7. Ciao, Daniel. :grin:

  8. Hornet 600 is probably one of the most popular motorbike here in Italy,
    we also got a lot of Ducati Monster 600 too! In the last year come the "naked" trend, and now you can find a lot of Cagiva Raptor, Agusta Brutale, Kawasaki Z , Suzuki Bandit and other famous naked on the road.
    I can say italians have a great love for motorbikes of every kind.
    I don't know which is most popular motorbike in Europe, but i can say people from Germany are the most popular bikers! :grin: Especially in summer, but also in winter it's easy to met german bikers with their big Bmw or Harley Davidson in every part of Italy...In Italy we have strict laws about customizing motorbikes, we can't modify anything, but in northern Europe you can do everything, so we can often see a lot of great choppers and streetfighters from Sweden, Denmark , Holland.Now i ride a custom but maybe i'll try other motorbikes one day... :grin:
  9. Interesting you say that. One of the members in the Ducati Club came over from either Swizerland or Austria and he mentioned that he loves it here in Oz because at home he would lose his licence for having such loud, unbaffled pipes.
    And in terms of speeding fines, in his home country, the amount is indexed to your monthly income. Whereas here the rates are set, no matter what your income.
  10. Ciao Daniel.

    Ma dove la tua Vespa? :grin:

    I lived in Italy for seven months (ero un monaco, e abitato in vicino di Biella, Piedemonte, e anche nelle montagne in vicino di Firenze: La Communita dei Figli di Dio. Di dove sei?). I saw a lot of old ladies turning up to Church on their vespas. You don't see that here - nor on any other (bigger) bike!

  11. To "G"
    In Italy we got high fines for loud pipes too, but not indexed on monthly income...the problem is that we got a very strict police on the road and we risk sequestration of our motorbike for every little modification...you lose your license if you drive drunk...(very dangeruos thing)
  12. Ah Ah Ah :grin:
    My Vespa is gone , i've sold it! But now there is a great vespa revival especially for old vespa models '50- '60. Vespa here is still everywhere, in my biker group there is also a vespa primavera 125cc. Most part of Italian guys are able to modify a vespa engine, because it's easy and everything is hidden inside and police can't see it ;we got a lot of power-kit for vespa, very funny but totally illegal. Now i live on middle east coast, but i lived near Firenze too (Pisa), (wonderfull hills in Florence!). Good!
    People from everywhere in this forum :grin:!
  13. Ciao Argon, ed il benvenuto a Netrider, l'ho pensata gli individui passeggiano soltanto Ducati.

    I envy the roads you have there and the speed limits.....woohoo
  14. Tank you,
    we got some good funny roads, but i'd like to know more about australian roads :grin:
  15. Which roads would you like to know about?
    I can tell you about many roads in Victoria, a southern state.
  16. i'd like to know something about roads across desert...
    we've got no desert in Italy.
    Nearest desert is in Spain, Desert of Tabernas...
    it was the set of a lot of "spaghetti-western" the italian western movies.
    Are there cool desert routes to ride in your country?
    I think yes... :grin:
  17. Oooo, that's the sort of road I haven't been on on my bike.
    However, I have had friend talk about their 40th birthday celebrations and adventures to the middle of Australia, like Uhluru formerly Ayer's Rock, near Alice Springs.
    They were amazed.
    I myself have only driven in the Northern Territory where there are effectively no speed limits. Its hot; literally. :grin: