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Get your Arty Farty bike shots in Syd - Vivid Festival

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Sydneysiders may know that this event is on at the moment - http://vividsydney.com/ & http://www.news.com.au/travel/gallery/0,23607,5055636-5007153-8,00.html

    It's a good time to get those night-time long exposure photos of your bikes with the lighting art in the background !!! :grin:

    My suggestion . . .

    Argyle St tunnel ! ;)
    Park your bike underneath, make sure the tank has had the meguiars treament and snap away with long exposure shots ! And if you have those reservations on installing ghey neons under your seat and engine bay - here is a good reason to go to Jaycar ! :LOL:


    hmmmm, me thinks Argyle St will be packed tonight !

  2. thats pretty awesome. might go for a cruise down there tonight. ;)
  3. Well why don't we make a party of it ! :LOL:

    I can't organise it tonight, I might get the sisters and borthers from netrider to host a cruise tonight ! :cool:
  4. That looks absolutely incredible! No doubt some shots will be entered into pic of the month ;)

    Magic day for a ride in Sydneytown today :grin:
  5. Don't rub it in !!!
    I decided to go to the office today to catch up on work.
    Worse still . . . my office looks over the harbour !! . . .:(

    damn good day outside !!
  6. Micky Micky... you wasted a stunning day on work! We went for a ride to Berowra :grin:

    Make sure you get out tonight to make up for it lol