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Get those tyres nice and warm!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Andrew West, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. I knew there was an easier way to warm em up :confused:

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  2. A couple of times it seems he needed to warm up his gloves too, personally I'd rather just invest in some Oxford Heated Grips ;)
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  3. Meh! If he could do that on my '96 VMax...I MAY be impressed!
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  4. I didn't think your bike would fit in your bedroom :cool:
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  5. ;)
    You are hard to impress. If I could do just one move like that I would be impressed.
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  6. as Sgt Schulz would say 'I see nothing, nothing'
  7. Not sure why I kept expecting that to end badly. Especially in the leaf litter. But that was pretty awesome to watch.
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  8. I wonder if he would pass the new Vic licence test?

    They'd probably fail him for putting his foot down too many times...
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  9. and no head checks
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  10. If he could do that with a Ural outfit, I'd be farken' flabbergasterated
  11. #13 oldcorollas, Apr 24, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
    same dude (and same bike from 2:30 in) Rafal..

    yootoob channel stunter13tv
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  12. That transition from a stoppie to the rear wheel blew my mind.
    I am yet to learn how to get my front wheel off the ground :(
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  13. I'm thinking there was a lot of unsuccessful attempts first before you get good at it.

    Wonder how many times he fell!
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  14. I agree look at the tubing around the motor for protection
    Lots and lots of practice every glitch part of the learning curve.
    But a very clever bloke just the same.
    More nurse than I have got.
  15. Nerve not nurse
    Dum tablet.