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Get some bloody brake lights!!!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bdzy88, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. My rant!

    I ride a 250 Ninja, however sometimes i have to be in the cage - quite a nice cage nevertheless, a nice audi - (yes i know its a company thing)..

    So my rant is friday night in the cage, heading towards the other side of town from the eastern freeway with a brand new rag top bentley cotinental GT burbling next to me at the lights at hoddle street.
    Mmmm... i thought to myself as i glanced across, anyway, light goes green, we proceed around the corner and I move in to my right hand lane, when i almost get blind sighted by this moron in a camry...
    (who was in the left hand side lane next to me when i was in the centre)

    Thought nothing of it as incidents in the car dont even phase me anymore after being on the bike.

    However, what happened next really grinded me...
    Slowing for the intersection *i was first in line as the light turned amber in the far right hand lane* this moron then decides to boot it and cut me off, lights go red so now dipshit me and the beautiful bentley are all lined up in peak hour traffic in the right hand lane. Dont think too much of it..

    Light goes green and we proceed off leisurely - no traffic infront, im hovering the brakes as of this morons feeble previous attempts to drive...
    then all of a sudden out of no where.. across the intersection he props, and im not kidding... just stops dead, full jammed on the anchors, no cars infront nothing on the road no idea from 70kmh.

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar as i stand on the anchors as to top it off this idiot has no working brake lights..

    All the while watching 2.5 tons of burbling 500,000 dollar bentley closing on me from behind...

    Bentley proceeds to tap the rear panel, just a love tap no paint etc, whilst this idiot just sits there, go around and this bloke is just in a daze looking around propped in the right hand lane with no brake lights for no reason in a 70k zone...

    Then to my amazement hooks the left indicator and goes from the far right hand lane and darts across another two lanes to the far left and turns left at the next intersection leaving a wake of chaos in peak hour..

    People never seem to amaze me....
    I never post rants.. but my god... what a bloody clown, im so glad i wasnt on the bike or id still be pulling rear windshield out of my teeth.

    Bentley driver was really good (probably because he tapped me) and let me have a nice little squiz at his beautiful car so i had calmed down after that...

    but far out...

    be safe and stay upright.
  2. What a bloody idiot.

    Did you get his plates? I would have killed him because i have a really serious temper in those situations, so you did really well!!

    I cage in an audi too, they are nice!!!

    And i'd be happy a bentley ran into me, how often does that happen!!

    Glad you're all ok. People are stupid, theres not much that can be done.
  3. Have you noticed it's always Camry's with no brake lights....
  4. How can you be sure he used his brakes?
    There are many ways to pull up a cage without igniting the brake lights.
  5. It was a silver 2005 Toyota Camry with a ding in the back left quarter panel - good sign to begin with.

    and to stop a cage from 70.. failing hitting a garbage truck, power pole, pulling the handbrake or being JC himself i have no idea how else he would stop dead!

    I always watch very far ahead when driving / riding, but he must of absoloutely slammed them on.. one thing i've always had and was taught that my attention never strays from the road.
  6. Sounds like it could have been an attempted insurance job.
    He slams the brakes you hit him from behind and he tries to get money either from your insurance or possibly you.
    If you hit him from behind the law says you are at fault.
    Apparently it's a big problem in the US.
    I watched this show where an idiot slams his brakes on for no reason in front of an expensive Winnebago. The Winnebago manages to miss the car but the car behind the Winnebago slams into the back it and a truck slams into the back of the car resulting in a young lady and her daughter being killed.
    They managed to track down the driver who caused the accident and he had done similar stuff for the insurance money before so he was charged with murder.
    It's a big problem in the US and we all know how us Aussies love to copy the US.