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GET ROUTED.com.au - still around?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by benjamiah, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. GET ROUTED.com.au - still around? - YES THEY ARE

    These guys have a deposit of AUD 600 of mine for transport to New Zealand of my Ducati...- but I have been unable to contact them.

    Website - DOWN
    Landline - DOWN
    Mobile phone -JUST ANSWERPHONE
    Email - DOWN - bounces back

    Has anyone had RECENT contact with them? - most signals point to a dead end....

  2. You might be routed mate, there's been a few shonkys around lately, did u pay via paypal?
  3. Get routed are very wel alive just a few technical problems goz I'll tell Dave u called him shonky, he won't be happy
  4. Hahaha never heard of them, ask DAVE where that 600 bux is instead :)
  5. Hope it works out all right. GR have been around a long time doing a good job. I always hoped to do one of their trips one day.
  6. I can't imagine GR going anywhere. They seem to be on very good terms with the motorcycle press etc.
  7. he didn't call them shonky. he said that there were some around. not the same thing.
  8. Are you going touring or have you booked early for SOT?

    Fwiw, though I've never dealt with them, as Smee says GR are well thought of.
  9. Wife advised thier email and website is down - and no one knows how to fix yet.
    Dave overseas with mobile off.

    Landline phone number changed 12 months ago - forms I had had old disconnected phone number on - and the forwarding to new number had expired.

    I found new number on a website - so got in touch with wife - and all sorted. (after I posted this)

    So all sorted then - false alarm

    Naturally alarm bells ring when you cant get in contact. I never heard of Website and Email being down for a business before.

    Fyi - going to NZ at Xmas

    By the way - I was carefull not to accuse anyone..
  10. well u just gave them a plug now :)
  11. Dave is a trustworthy guy, I've known him for years.

    He and his better half run the business basically themselves and Dave is my age so he grew up in a non computer generation so IT probably isn't their strong point.

    Honesty however is.
  12. Jadey and I are hopefully shipping over to NZ in November, Dave Milligan has been great to deal with so far, and I don't have any hesitation to book with them!

    Their new number is 03 9351 0612 for anyone trying to get in touch as their website is still down
  13. Thank you ms pedantic
  14. Do you think they'd welcome someone offering to throw some free computer expertise their way?
    Sounds like their website is kind of critical to their business and I'd be happy to help if I can.
  15. i wasn't being pedantic. you were just saying you'd pass on the message to the business owner, yet you'd be giving him incorrect info.
  16. well i thought smees comment was funny in a sarcastic way. i loled.

  17. Oh for fuks sake sometimes it's best if you'd not comment on everything you read, especially if you don't get the subtle nuances and banter between old timers on these forums. ](*,)](*,)
    I've known Goz on here for years as I know Dave Milligoon (no not a misprint but a friendly term of endearment with someone I have known for years and respect for what he does greatly.)
  18. I'm sure Dave would appreciate it but he gets more work through word of mouth and his relationships with the Bear and other motorcycling publications.
    Most of his customers are actually not from the web. Most are older riders with more disposable income for great motorcycling adventures then the younger techno savvy web readers.
    Every little bit helps though :)
  19. It's been a few years since I did anything web related (I do mainly development now) but I still remember how to tweak dns and setup hosting etc, so if you want to pass the word on, I'd be happy to look into whatever the problem is, gratis.