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Get ready for winter...

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I know it's a fair way off, but for all you dirt bike enthusiasts...

    a Snow Bike kit

  2. the perfect combination. no need for a lift ticket
  3. for those of us in NSW planning on purchasing a few lift tickets this Winter (which is only 3 months away!!) we are already saving up..
    for the $102 a day price tag this season.

    hi..my name is Nel.
    and im a lift user.. and a trail bike user.
    i have major issues
  4. thus why you always by weeks worth. or know people and get freebies :p
  5. ...who weren't paying attention 3 years ago :p

    (Yes I know the subject title is somewhat obscure, but then Loz posted nearly the same thing not that long ago ;)).
  6. how cool is that????

    and jd... fair call... but i think its ok to repost something 3 years later :p
  7. this thing gets more net time than the obligitory which bike,glove,foot posts
  8. you cant rely on a week of snow in Oz...fresh snow that is. :wink:

    i do my best to only hit it when its worth it.

    im sure you understand OBH

  9. and i do but im sure you will understand that when i say ive lived in canada and spent ages in austria and NZ that the one thing we always have is cover.. no its not 3 feet deep and no ive never submarined in perisher but there is always tracks to be had and goo dtimes with your mates (thats what ist about).. not an argument at all but ive got quite a connection to the old PB and smigs is my favourate spot probably in the world.
  10. now im just green with envy of the fresh days you must have scored...

    great to meet someone with the same likes...Dirt and Snow.
    we are an unusual breed i reckon..

  11. thursday night it was 1.5 degrees @ 9pm, when i started to ride from Mt Buller summit to Craigs hut, word is Hotham got snow, I know is was a cold night in the tent... snow would have been warmer i think than the winds i felt..
    I am looking forward to getting the GS8 onto the snow for the first time this year..
  12. praise be it to the colder Months..

  13. be it for use in dirt or snow