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Get out of the right hand lane!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DRMAT, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I know this problem is normally the other way round for us but this morning was in the cage on the Eastern Fwy, traffic was quite light and everyone was cruising along at suggested speed with the right lane doing slightly above suggested speed (only to allow for speedo error of course :wink: ) until we came up behind a guy on what i htink was a GSX650F doing just under 100kmh in the right hand lane. Nothing in the middle lane but do you think he would move over km after km? Will probably post on here later about how all these angry cagers kept flashing and zooming past him :roll:

  2. Gotta love it when you're in the right lane of a highway/freeway going 100+ and the dude in front of you is going 70 and doesn't want to move into the left lane... :roll:
  3. And then it feels all awkward and slightly unsafe whipping round them in the right lane.
  4. No doubt the frustrations caused by these type of motorist eventually lead to accidents. Should be a $1200 fine and 3 month suspension.
  5. Try throwing the right hand blinker on, doesnt rub people up the wrong way like flashing, but gets their attention that you want to pass, works for me :D
  6. You might have missed the OP was about a motorcyclist doing this not a car!
  7. You should have kicked off his mirrors, obviously....
  8. So you were doing > 100kph and you have no real idea of the speed he was doing, and purely because he was in the right lane preventing you from speeding, you have every right to flash and zoom past?

  9. "suggested speed"?
    I never realised.
  10. Did you actually read the OP?

    He said: "a GSX650F doing just under 100kmh in the right hand lane

    Regardless - it is illegal to travel in the right-hand lane when not overtaking - unless the road is congested.
  11. It's a shame they no longer build cars with steel front bumpers.

    What we affectionately call in motorsport as "The Steel Horn"
  12. Law stays keep left. Why is that so hard for some folks to understand?
  13. People who sit in the right lane when not overtaking or turning deserve to have their giblets attached to high voltage power cables.
  14. reminds me of a rear window sticker I saw last week

    If I past you in the left

  15. You lot heard of splitting?? Car's sit in the right hand lane all the time, yes I know the law, its actually a 2 or 3 point fine, however, they will never move. You ride a motorcycle, fukn split past them. Yes I avoid splitting bikes, but once in a while you will come across one. HTFU and split past FFS.
  16. OP was in a car - in my experience it's pretty hard to split in a car....
  17. Missed that part, my bad. Lesson OP, you should have been on the bike... ;)
  18. As noted you have failed to actually read the post... we all ended up stuck behind the rider doing less than 100kmh and nowhere did i say that I flashed and zoomed past. I get annoyed with people doing what he was doing but flashing and cutting people off doesn't accomplish anything... didn't stop 3-4 other drivers doing it though and the rider still didn't get the message and continued to ride in the right hand lane which seems like a recipe for inciting road rage when some other psycho in a car decides to cut you off and slam on the brakes or something stupid like that and its not hard to see who'll win that contest. Also as noted its illegal to be in the right hand lane unless overtaking let alone doing under the speed limit.

    Brownyy: I know i know lol
  19. If I'm right it's actually illegal to use the right lane for non-overtaking purposes in roads with more than 2 lanes and a limit over 80.
    I remember reading it on the papers when vicroads were advertising.
    Not that it's enforced,there's no revenue to be found there.
  20. Yep. It's amazing how many people don't know that the law only applies to 90km/h zones and above. Yet i see day after day all these people raging when someone in a 60km/h zone doesn't pull out of the right hand lane to let them pass. Idiots.