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"Get off your bike please!"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Just in the last few weeks I have noticed that BP service station attendents starting to insist that I get off the bike when fuelling up.

    This is starting to annoy me somewhat. Unless the bike is held upright, it won't fill properly. Can fit about an extra 2.5 litres of fuel into the tank when the bike is held upright, as opposed to sitting on its sidestand.

    Then I have these BP station attendants telling me to get off the bike, so I can't fill it properly. I have my helmet and gloves off, in plain view, so there's no chance of a petrol ride-off taking place.

    I get in, and they tell me it's for my own safety. I respond that I've been doing it for 20 years, and it's never been a problem yet...

    Man, this world of public liability catering to the lowest common denominator of idiot, really pisses me off.
  2. If they're so insistent, then i'd be asking them to hold it upright for me so I could fill it up. It's in their best interests as you'll be spending more money on their fuel (as small amount as it may be, it's still more ;)).
    It's just as silly a request as theirs is. :p
  3. The easiest way around this is to put the bike on it's centrestand... don't have one? well that's a consideration for your next bike purchase then ;)
  4. I already have a centre-stand, it's called "me", and it's free with every bike purchase. ;)
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I've seen this discussed in another forum, The figures quoted there where around 300ml, so I find it had to believe your claim of 2.5 litres more.

    20 years ago asbestos was safe too

    But you have the option of not going to BP.
  7. Yes, and all bikes are equal too I suppose. :?:
  8. My response would be....

    ...sure - I'll get off it, just as soon as I finish filling it, and right before I come in to pay.

  9. I recall this being in another thread and yes you have been doing it for 20yrs and yes they are catering for the lowest common denominator.

    Its something about sitting on bike and if you reach over and lose balance or put your foot in oil and lose balance then you fall over.... petrol will spray everywhere and come rushing out of the tank spilling all over hot engine parts and igniting with you pinned under a 200kg bike.
  10. It's not law (rang and asked) it's "company policy" and every garage does it, and can refuse to turn on the pump if you do NOT get off. Unless you are planning on making one tank of fuel last forever, I'd suggest you get used to it......
  11. I'd ask them to cite which law I was breaking, and if no laws were being broken, I'd tell them to fcuk off.
    As no law IS being broken, I'd then tell them to call the police, and write a nice letter to their head office.
    And as for not taking your helmet off when refuelling, jam that. That's just stupid, if they have an issue with drive offs, that's their problem.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. See above, typhoon
    It's NOT law, it's company policy
    If you go into a leagues club in a singlet and thongs, they'll ask you to leave. The rules of the house are posted on the wall, and if you can't abide by them, they have the right to refuse you entry/service.

    The servo is their private property, they are providing a service and have the right by virtue of their tenure of the site to impose what rules they think appropriate/necessary for safety, etc.

    As I said, it ain't going to change, so get used to it, unless you plan on pushing the bike eveywhere :LOL:
  13. Doesnt really phase me too much at all. My bike wouldnt fit a significant amount more regardless, probably bout 300mls as someone said above...

    Now about not being able to wear a singlet and thongs into a club to go have some lunch and a beer, thats just outrageous.!!! I refuse to even go anywhere that wont let me in wearing such dress.
  14. :LOL:
    You subscribe to Groucho Marx's rule: "I wouldn't join a club that would have me for a member".
  15. well its quite obvious that, if you cannot put the final 2.5 litres in your bike unless its standing 'upright', that your bike is simply inferior :p

    I'd be selling the bike ASAP and getting something with either a) a centre stand, or b) a decent fuel tank. :grin:

    seriously though, I have noticed that alot of the larger sports bikes have an acute lean angle when on the side stand....mines still virtually upright which while great for fueling is a little concerning when parking in some situations...its hasn't fallen over yet but a bit more lean would be nice.

    So its a case of take the good with the bad, and IMO getting off your bike while refuelling is just plain common sense. Somthing only has to go wrong once and you're fcuked.
  16. hehe regarding dress policy.... ive been in places where they have very strict dress policy.... untill someone important comes along!

    sorry mik, you just need to get on the VIP list at more places.
  17. Yeah but Kishy you're a big scary man :LOL: that might not work for all of us.
  18. Hey Cathar this wouldnt happen to be the BP in Pakenham would it?
    I've only ever filled up my bike there once and had the whole 'get off your bike' discussion with them over the loudspeaker.

    I made the argument with a Shell service station attendant that i'm more likely to spill petrol out of the tank as i can't see into the tank at the proper angle when fuelling if i'm not standing over /sitting on the bike.
  19. Yeah. I may not be small, but I'm your average looking 6' mild mannered white guy.

    Not the guy who from kishy's images looks like he just might be prepared to rip his way through the security cage to get the attendent to show them what's what. :)
  20. Happened to me at the BP in Langwarrin, Pakenham, and Lyndhurst, and just in the last two weeks.

    The one in Langwarrin turned off the pump on me after the tank was already half full, and I guess that's what really cheesed me off to the point that I posted here about the practise.