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Get off the internet and go for a ride!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rubberman, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Hey all you netriders

    instead of sitting around talking about how great you are and planning your next coffee break - why dont you get on your bikes and actually go for a ride.

    And if any of the tasty chicks on this website are keen to go for a ride - can you come and pick me up cos i dont have a bike [but i have a big pecker] :p

  2. Yeah, I'm sure all the tasty chicks on here would be dyin to give you a ride..... Prolly up to Reefton somewhere, to dump you off over one of the cliffs.

    Real smooth rubberman.... Good luck in your quest, I'm tippin you're gonna need it.

    Oh, and welcome to the forums :p
  3. why don't you buy yourself a bike rubberman, instead of sitting around at home and go for a ride!!! :p

    btw, welcome to the forums lol

    hope you enjoy your stay!! :D
  4. I'm tipping it's going to be a short one :LOL:
  5. Are you sure it's not that YOU!! are a big pecker :LOL: :p :?:
  6. well mister big scary site admin man - what are you gonna do? ban me from your online biker gang? censor my attempts to pick up biker chicks. after all - netrider is just a sleazy online chatroom for try hard bike riders. i know you are just jealous that i will be the one that picks up the chicks this friday at southbank while you are tweaking your modem at home.

    and to you peregrine - maybe i will buy a bike one day - and you can be damn sure i wont be here trying to wind you up. I will be out on the highway whippin' yo raggedy arse.

    mizz zzr - only 889 posts so far? i dont think you are committed to netrider are you? shouldnt you be looking after the kids or baking me a pie??

    ...and the only time rubberman smells burning rubber is when i am making sweet sweet love.
  7. Welcome to the forums rubberman :)
  8. firefling - it is nice to meet someone with manners.
  9. Hey Helmet! We've found a try-hard to take out! Take him out for a "ride" and see how he goes....

    I so do love these spineless trolls and their inflated egos. Hey "Big Scary Site Admin Man" let this one loose for a bit, he's as funny as hell!

    Oh and latexloser, I live near you, want me to ride by and wave, make you feel wanted and cool? I bet you do......
  10. Hey rubberman, if you're planning on attending the bike expo on Sat, be sure to pop in to the Netrider stand and introduce yourself. I'd be interested to see how ballsy you are in real life.... Or are you one of those no shows?

    Seems to be a few of those around here lately... Hmmm
  11. You mean "another" try hard, don't you deyago?
  12. rubberflubber
    Show some and get some back matey.
  13. VFR1200 - wow i am impressed deyago. are you sure you dont ride a scooter like jamie oliver?

    yeah i think i have seen you the other day. i was towing my caravan up a hill and i overtook you on the freeway.

    spineless troll, latex loser. keep it coming mate. i think i have found a match for my wit and acid tongue.

    see you all at the bike expo. i will be the guy wearing latex.
  14. OI!! Flubber sounds too much like Flipper, settle down jake :twisted: :LOL:
  15. Rubberman wouldn't be able to ride a bike, even if he owned one - He wouldn't be able to get his hand off his cock long enough to start the bike.

    As for him having a big pecker, everyone knows it's "not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog".... God probably gave him a slightly larger dick to make up for forgetting to give him brains.

    Welcome to the forums Rubberman. :)
  16. at least i dont live in warrnambool

    but i am glad that you agree i have a tiny c()ck

    and it only takes 1 hand to start a bike.
  17. We can agree on some things! :LOL:

    You don't live in Warrnambool (thank God!)

    I also see that you agreed that you don't have any brains :)
    You also agreed that you couldn't take your hand off your cock (not surprising)....

    But... Not ALL bikes can be started with only one hand :wink:

    Oh, and if it really WAS big, like you think it is.... wouldn't you need both hands?
    :LOL: :p
  18. Kez - its good to see you have the committment to see things through and come back at me with a few friendly digs...i never claimed to have any brains - as you can probably determine from the mindless drivel that pours out of my keyboard.

    unlike your site admin guy who freaks out and runs back to dick smith for a new wireless portal whenever someone questions his authority. question - when you have coffee - does site admin guy sit at the head of the table and bark orders at you all?

    and deyago - where are you now. i was just getting warmed up. are you trading up from your scooter to a CT110 with tassles, spokey dokeys and a milk crate?
  19. The majical, mythical VFR1200 is still a unicorn at this point, glimpsed but not really real. Now if you were into bikes you'd know that tsk tsk tsk!

    I remember you! The cross-dresser in the pink Mighty Boy right? Man, learn to apply lippy, you'll scare children and turn them off clowns for life!

    Oh and you forgot Rubberflubber, I thought that wasn't bad either! :LOL: :wink:

    Be sure to wear a gimp mask and a pink corset, after all given the sheer meterage of leather worn at these things one latex suit is bound not to be noticed.

    Lastly, for now, way to make an entrance! 0% chance of rooting anyone here....oh except helmet, I really think he's gonna love you! :p :LOL:
  20. I happen to like our "site admin guy" a lot :D
    Since I haven't been to any of the coffee nights, I couldn't say for sure, but I highly doubt he'd bark orders at anyone, he's a nice bloke :)
    Anyways, I could stay and keep posting back to you, but I have a kid that'll be hoping I'll pick her up from school on time for once (nice weather = ride the bike = usually late to pick her up). :wink: