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Get off the F&*$^ Phone!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bravus, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. I'm normally the most mild-mannered of men. And I have to admit, having had a stressful day might have contributed...

    Coming out of the uni car park, on one of the roads still within the uni, and a P-plater pulls a u-turn right in front of me without looking at all, forcing me to brake hard to avoid him. I immediately noticed he was on the phone, and screamed at the top of my voice "GET OFF THE F*&$^ING PHONE! GET OFF THE PHONE AND DRIVE!"

    He took a couple of moments - presumably to say goodbye - then sheepishly put down the phone. I sat behind him, just because that was the way the traffic ran... then we came to an intersection and stopped, and a pretty girl who must have heard my tirade looked at me with a certain amount of fear and disdain...

    But I swear, 90% or more of the times when someone pulls a bone-headed and dangerous move in traffic, a quick look confirms they're on the phone - or texting. So although I generally counsel calm in all situations... a bit of a scream now and then can be cathartic... and hopefully (though I doubt it) even get through to these gonks.

  2. Ain't that the truth; on Monday while dicing with death on the Pacific Highway, somewhere north of Taree, we passed a young lady in a Corolla, doing around 120, she was herself passing a large truck (three lane section of road) while holding up her phone at steering-wheel level and sending a text message.
  3. I'll see your texting chick, and raise you one who was wavering around in her lane because she was actually giving herself a manicure while driving. :shock:
  4. I have found the safeest thing is to assume any woman in a hatchback is texting.

  5. Nah ive found it best to assume all women drivers are bloody useless and should be walking.
  6. I'll see your manicure and raise you my girlfriend's sister, who while driving around chatswood decided that her hands were dry and proceeded to reach into her bag, pull out some moisturiser and moisturise her hands, grabbing the wheel and swerving around corners when they came up. WTF is wrong with these people? Just because you do it everyday doesn't make it any less dangerous!
  7. I thought manicuring while driving was a part of the learner's log book which had to be signed off by the supervising driver?
  8. I was on the pushie today getting some lunch and doing a right turn where the oncoming cars sit quite close to you and the guy was bloody 3 metres in front of me yapping away and i'm staring at him thinking fark he's not even looking at the intersection where he is driving into.... I gave him a little headshake then continued right into the street where subway is.

    Then it hit me. I wasn't wearing a bloody helmet! I had ridden out of my house and down a number of streets without realising this little factor. and here i was judging this man on his phone usage when I myself was a filthy law breaker!

    and then another epiphany hit me! Me not wearing a helmet means that "I get hurt". Him being on the phone means "others get hurt". Thus I re-rationalised my position to be justified once more and decided that he deserved his head shaking and he probably should have gotten a stern point and finger shaking for being so uncaring about his driving!

    *EDIT* And now re-reading this made me realise that i was staring at him and not the intersection! Thus my disdain for mobile phone usage made me a less aware road user! Thus my position is unjustified once more!

    Damn these logical traps that i fall into!
  9. Don't think about these things just be outraged.
  10. **** it them phone users make me angry!!! Grab your torch and pitchforks!!!
  11. I remember a Sydney radio station discussing weird things people do on the motorways and encouraged people to ring in with their experiences. Two became etched in my memory both from the M5...
    1. A person eating a bowl of cereal in peak hour, and...
    2. A driver practicing guitar @110kph and steering using his knee.
  12. the texting shits me up the wall. sending a message back an hour later dosent make you any less important.
  13. Apparently increases crash probability something like 23 times as well.
  14. really infuriates me, you see so many people doing it and it's even worse at 100km/s
  15. Says it all really

  16. http://www.smh.com.au/national/stee...le-using-two-mobile-phones-20091019-h39l.html

    sending TWO texts at once I presume
  17. he was transferring data between the phones according to herald sun.
  18. Wow. Thats metal.