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Get in for Broadford ride day this Sunday!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. The weather is looking great for the Champions Ride Day at Broadford for this Sunday, I know there aren't too many riders booked in for this weekend so they'd accept a late entry for the event.

    I have a low number for coaching on the day, so if you want some track tuition, I highly recommend coming along.

    I had 4 riders for coaching out there today, all race track first timers; they ended up the fastest in the group by the end of the day!
  2. Johnny I just booked now but didnt book coaching.
    Can I book it tomorrow morning at the track? I assume I just got to ask them at the sign on?
  3. Nice work. Should be a nice day for it, if today was anything to go by.
  4. Sure, no sweat, just see Nicole at sign-on in the morning and she'll handle it all. I'm booked & ready for tomorrow so no problem.

    We try to garage all coaching students together in the 'sign-on shed' end of either of the two lower pit-shed rows.

    Be ready to come for a drive around the track at 8.30am before the 9.00am rider briefing.
  5. Great. Thanks.
  6. Hi Mick, was great having a chat today. This is Thomas (the guy with super extra tan on hehe but didn't have my gixxer :D). You looked great out there mate and I'm sure Johnny O was doing a great job with the coaching. Hope to catch you there again mate.


  7. Hhahhahaaa, love your sense of humour, Thomas.
  8. Haha cheers Doug :D gotta have a laugh not too serious about these things. How was the ride? Sorry couldn't make it. Slept in and thought I might just pop in at Broaddy to check out the track day. It's a buzz even without being on the bike so I can only imagine how it feels riding the track (y)
  9. Your a classic Thomas. Was great to speak with you today. I can't wait to see that new gixxer of yours. keep me at a good distance from it I might drool and dribble all over it. You will have an awesome time at Broadford. Everyone is pretty relaxed and there for a good time.
    was my 4th track day today. I got a lot more consistent with my lap times settling in at 1.12s.
    Jonny was great and showed me some lines and gave me some extra things to work on which i will benefit greatly from.
    thanks Jonny.
  10. Hey Thomas, was great to meet you; looking forward to havinga ride with you.

    Thanks Mick; nice job getting that old Fireblade around the track; very impressive :)

    It was a great day out at Broadford; I'm already looking forward to the next one on May 11; we're getting into the rainy season now; let's hope for a dry day.
  11. Haha it was great to chat to you Mick and you were killing it with Fireblade! Looking forward to catching up again and this time with the gixxer and hahaha will keep it away so not to mess up the paint job :D. But mate, thanks for the tips.

    Hey Johnny! it was great to meet you too and put a face to a name. Thanks for the chat and I look forward too to riding the track soon. Just need to sort out a few bits and pieces and should be good to go. Will be watching the weather closely and hope for a nice dry day :).

    From seeing you go out with the red group yesterday, I'm certain that I'll be in good hands and look forward to learning much.