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Get and Ipod

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aldrich, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. I'm surprised at all the riders I meet that don't have music while riding.

    I've called the RTA and found out that there are no rules or regulations against it. And i havnt looked backed since. It makes riding a lot more enjoyable.

    The only downside is you must learn to slide your helmet on prefectly or the earpiece will keep coming out.

    I don't suggest you wear both earpieces though coz' u still need to hear whats going on around you.

    I've heard of helmets with bluetooth technology and built in speakers but i havnt see any.

    would be interested to find out more :]
  2. Do a forum search, it's been covered - a lot. Dunno why it's a surprise to you - riding is about choice, music when riding is no different :wink:
  3. Each to their own..... :wink:

    I love the sound my bike makes as I twist the throttle.... :wink:
    or when she is purring through the long right hander..... :wink:
    or when I am on the back wheel in second...third...fourth... :wink:
    or when I am doing quickshifts just before redline and hit 6th... :wink:
    or U get the point... :roll:

    The way she purrrs is my IPOD....
  4. Well you havent met me yet. :p
  5. I've always had music when I ride. It just doesn't come from a machine.
    cause it's usually just in my head, but sometimes I sing out loud too. :grin:

    "Ipods, we dont need no steenkin' ipods" :evil:
  6. G'day everyone,.......

    love listning to stuff when rideing,.....and it dose'nt drown out whats going on around you unless you have it turned way up!!
    In which case you are probably in for some hearing loss if you do that to often......
    "Trust me,....I'm a Dr!"......

    Dr Who?
  7. I cracked out the iRiver for my ride today, and now I'm always going to. I had both headphones in, up loud enough to easily hear the music, but could still hear the engine and traffic easily.

    Refused on the mp3 + Macs Reef Rd = :grin:
  8. I recently tried the Ipod whilst droning the boring bits, for the twist bits nothing but the bike's cackle :grin:
  9. Dunno how you guys do it, i'd be afraid of losing concentration or getting into the music too much
  10. I know what you mean, I suffer the same thing :)
  11. I got one of those new i pod mini shuffles and some Sony ear plugs and I'm lovin' it.

    Got all my fav's music on it and it just shuffles away clipped onto my cuff with the wires running up the right hand sleeve.

    Not up too loud so I can't hear the V twin bubbling along and the traffic noise ya can hear as well!!

    Luv it!!
  12. I have one of the helmets - Nolan N102 - although no Bluetooth but it is ready for it.

    Do a search - am sure someone on here has the Bluetooth in one of their helmets

    I use the earmold with speakers - not cheap at $200, but sound fine, remove wind noise and enjoy the music while riding the less than exciting roads. I take them out for trails or twisty bits
  13. I can't stand having earplugs in with a helmet on. Drives me nuts and starts hurting after a short while.

    Plus I enjoy the sound of my bike too much.
  14. Try a few different types, Dale. Canalphones generally work quite well... although you do need to spend a bit more on them. I use the cheap Sony ones (Fontopia range), but they work ok. Will get a bit sore after a full day's use, but they're not too bad.
  15. It's not important to me. I'm quite happy without music when riding. If I *really* want music when travelling, I'll take the car.
  16. I've tried a few different sets of ear phones, but so far they arnt good enough to cope with the wind noise, so i ride in silence with regular earplugs so i can still hear when i get to point 'B' ... will have to investigate the earmolds I think