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Get a gig at the 2007 Isle of Mann.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jdaley, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. During my journey to the Isle of Mann, I established contact with the IoM marshal assoc. and worked with them as a flaggie at the 2006 meeting. It was gr8. I have volunteered to promote this aspect to encourage any person to volunteer as a Marshall at the TT to help the evenet and get closer to the racing as well. We have ferry, accommodation and shipping in hand we are confident we have every point covered, I can organise I believe thru MV training to suit the TT Association. Interested make contact here, I am not involved with the transport etc, but my cost was in the order of this much for 2007.
    About $7500 with my bike,with accommodation, ferry etc for 4 weeks, I guess, $5000 no bike.
    I could not rent a bike there for 4 weeks.

  2. You worked with them as a flagie next year?

    That flux capacitor must work wonders ey?? :p
  3. IOM.... its was like i had died and gone to heaven! :angel:

    when i was over in the Uk last year and the year before they were advertising for flaggies and you don't need any experience! they train you and put you with someone experienced. but from what i can remember the training is about a month before the TT. thats why i didn't do it (and i like my beer to much) and i get too bored sitting in the one spot from 9am till 6pm. would be a great experience tho. it was sooo much fun fence hopping and going through paddocks to try and get to other veiwing spots while the races was on (they block off the road around the island for the whole day, so if ur on the inside of the track u are stuck there till the end of the day!) well i should be over there in 2007 so would love to catch up with anyone if they decide to go. bushy's tent here i come! :beer:
  4. Welcome back JDaley.
    So, when is the IOM footage appearing on Two Wheel Torque? :grin:
  5. TWT show is coming along.
  6. Would said training be Victorian based?

  7. I have the manuals from the I of Mann and it is my intension to discuss the matter with Mv for a start to see if they will help people who express and interest in being involved. The preliminary training is not complex, its really about who is responsible for what and addresses the issue of potential dangers.
    Are you interested?
  8. I'm interested... well in being at the IOM TT next year :grin:

    Been wanting to go for such a long time, might consider being a flaggie in a return trip... but being my first time I think I'll be too excited to stay in the one spot all day :LOL:
  9. I can assure you unless you know your way around the island movement to different locations in one day is difficult, partly because once the crowd assembles, who will let you turn up 4 hours later and push in. Also as a marshall you can ask to be moved each day.
    Think about it it opens alot of other doors for you.
  10. It isn't that hard to get around the island, just ride out early in the morning and pick a spot to watch from.

    Next day choose another spot :)

    Been a while since I've been over, would be nice to go again...

    Oh, and lots of lovely thick proper ale!
  11. If you read my post carefully I stated
    " movement to different locations in one day is difficult"
  12. I should also add that as a Marshal many extra doors open for you. There are tickets to the Chat show, presentation nights and the Marshals dinner. You get to meet local people who have all sorts of info etc to tell you and usually if you are well behaved they might invite you to their local pub which can be fun. You get all the gossip about the race through the radio contact each marshall point has and you here stories from marshals who have been there for many years, I worked with one who had 35 years experience at the I oM.
    Think about it. Also you dont need to be at the track everyday, you can specify whay days you are avialabe.
  13. Moving around the TT course

    It is more than possible to move around the course with the roads closed. Some places are more accessible than others.

    For instance it you can start watching the races at Ballaugh Bridge or there abouts. Make sure you park up behind the Ginger Hall Hotel, and after the first race or even during the race you can get on your machine and head up toward the mountain if you take a trail bike, or back to Douglas via the bridge under the course, and then head out through Douglas to Onchan park to Ramsey or the back road to the Creg ny Baa Hotel. All you need is a map..... and a sense of direction, some tracks are hard to follow!!!