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Get $50 of your next ebay purchase by using paypal

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. I thought some people may like to know this - so if you buy some gear for $100 of ebay you will get $50 refunded back by paypal

    During happy hours get $50 of your purchase ( up to $50 maximum)
    when you use your mobile phone and pay pal account to buy something of ebay

    details here

    During Happy Hour, use your mobile to buy an item on eBay.com.au and also pay for it with PayPal, and you'll receive 50% off the purchase price, including shipping cost, up to a maximum refund of $50.


    its happening next friday - so hopefully my gloves will be available and online at that time - you could save yourself $50 a pair thanks to ebay or $50 of some kevlar jeans

    keep it in mind - the discount is not from me - its ebay/paypal that gives you a refund not me

  2. i don't use paypal. only direct deposit.

    pretty sweet deal, but i don't trust it.
  3. I have never had a problem at all Lowercase neither have any of my online customers
  4. I was like you and staunchly against paypal. Didn't use it for a good 3-4 years for purchases I made from ebay or online and since the start of this year have started using paypal and have had no issues.

    There are so many extra security mesaures which paypal offer it's not funny.

    The basic is a username and password then the next step up is for $10 paypal send you an electronic card which prior to each purchase generates a random number which must be input prior to the purchase.

    Rest easy.
  5. +1 To ResmeN's post.

    I remember reading that if you purchase through eBay and pay on PayPal they insure all orders up to a cost of US$500 (not sure if this is all sales or just registered online shops, though, so you might want to check this first if it's a big purchase and it's an issue for you.). I'm pretty sure eBay bough out PayPal seven or eight years ago, and they instituted this to ensure confidence in their system.

    I do remember that it was a bit of a hassle to set up (i.e. to move through the steps leading to security validation) and can delay the speed of some transactions if your credit card isn't properly linked up to your PayPal account yet. Nonetheless, it appears to me to be much safer option than paying by credit card and, to that end, worth the extra pissing about.
  6. hmm, it definitely is sounding better these days. i still prefer direct deposit, i think. do it all on my banks website.
  7. Also if you are very worried lc get a new credit card and put a limit of say $500 or $1000 on it and make that your sole fund provider for paypal transactions and if highly unlikely anything was to ever happen you will only lose out on that amount which your card is limited to.
  8. i only use a debit card :)
  9. I understand where you are coming from and just do what makes you more comfortable : )
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