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Gestures, Greets & Signs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Voltran, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. A vertical head gesture

  2. A sudden pump of gas

  3. Right foot gesture / like kicking a horse

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  4. A hand gesture

  5. Don't greet others at all

  6. Give them the finger

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  1. Hi,

    Guys on the road i saw that other motorcyclists are greeting me with a gentle head move vertically by dropping it a little and recovering its position back. I respond the gesture with the same way.

    Also i heard that, if you miss it you can give a greeting with your right foot, like kicking a horse, so that he can see it from his mirror.

    Is there any other gesture that i should know ? What are the other rules ? For example i ride a honda cbr, it's a sport style thing, if i saw a harley guy should i greet him ? Do we have such rules ?

  2. Harley riders will generally not acknowledge your existence (although inexperienced ones might if your on a cruiser and they mistake it for a HD) usually just a nod or raise a finger- no not that one, was a thread here a while ago about the nod, some respond, others not.
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  3. Wooohooooo! Another nodding thread. We have a bit of fun with this topic VoltranVoltran. After you have searched nodding, search "which glove first", as I can tell you that if its not the left glove first, you'll only be able to ride in right hand circles.
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  4. Put my right boot on first by mistake yesterday then my left glove, couldn't figure out why I was doing figure 8s :wacky::wacky:
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  5. Nooooooooo. Please.
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  6. at qui nutu nutu ad te
  7. After a quick run from NSW to Vic last week the one thing I observed is NSW rides are nodders and VIC riders are wavers either way it still feels good to be acknowledged by a fellow rider :cool:
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  8. #8 Petesul, Dec 27, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2015
    This is a subconscious thing. You see, NSW is closer to the equator than Mexico (Vic), so northerners are actually spinning faster on the earth. If they stuck their hands out all the time, they would slow down the earth's rotation by causing more wind friction, that would make our days longer, and cause curtains to fade, far worse than fading caused by daylight saving.
    Because Mexicans are spinning slower, the only people who care how they ride are to popo, but that's another topic.:p
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  9. You saying us mexicans are sloooooow :cautious::cautious::finger:
  10. Seems to me that the really cool riders do more of a diagonal nod, dropping the chin to the right shoulder (never the left).

    Those over friendly riders who are constantly doing a more vertical nod are actually noobs with a death grip on the bars and stiff arms. Don't ask how I know.
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  11. Yep, that's how we like it too...
  12. is that more of a motorcycle wink?
  13. So is a nod as good as a wink?
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  14. I guess you don't want to be caught winking at Harley riders.... just in case...

    also don't want to end up looking like this, if you are passing a long line of bikes
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  15. left shoulder nod looks like this.. just weird..
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  16. and there's always the Horsey nod.. not sure which bikes this is suitable for?

  17. 10 tips for doing the motorcycle wave - Motorbike Writer

    "I wave at everyone almost all the time. I also don’t distinguish between types of motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if I am riding a Harley and the passing rider is on a scooter. In fact, it seems to make the scooterist’s day!

    But there are occasions when you shouldn’t or don’t need to wave:

    1 When puling a wheelie.

    2 In a corner. You have enough on your plate steering the bike and looking at where you are going to remove a hand to wave or do the nod.

    3 On a major highway. The passing rider is too far away and your wave or nod will either not be seen or be misinterpreted by a car driver as directed at them.

    4 At a rally. There are simply too many riders to wave or nod at and you will end up with RSI.

    5 At an “outlaw bikie”, unless you are a 1%er as well. They don’t respond and it just makes you look like you are trying too hard. However, if they wave at you first, make sure you are ready to reply!

    6 In the rain. They won’t see you.

    7 At night. They won’t see you.

    8 In heavy traffic. You are too busy staying alive to be acknowledging other riders.

    9 In a shopping centre. You should be watching for soccer mums backing out at full steam in their SUV.

    10 In a parade or charity run. Not only are there too many riders to wave at, but they will be going the same direction as you and you’ll need both hands on the bars so you don’t wobble in front of them and crash. However, you can wave at people lining the streets and, if you are careful, you can do the high-five handslap. Kids love it.

    Don’t get your chaps in a twist if someone doesn’t return your wave or nod. They may have been distracted by something or changing gears at the time."
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  18. But there are occasions when you absolutely need to wave:

    1 When puling a wheelie.

    Waving demonstrates the difference between just applying too much throttle and actually being in control.

    2 In a corner. You have enough on your plate steering the bike and looking at where you are going to remove a hand to wave or do the nod.

    See previous answer....

    9 In a shopping centre. You should be watching for soccer mums backing out at full steam in their SUV.

    Without offering a 2 fingered salute together with every other gesture known to man in response to their incompetence, how will they ever learn.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Imagine if all car drivers waved at each other.........
    I do wave, but have given up on the Hardley brigade