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Germans were really scary in WW2

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. was doing a littel side browsing on computers in space etc... yeah yeah... no life blah blah...


    provided ar really scary link to a very advanced design from 1940!!!!


    it turns out those crazy germans were in the end design phase of the first sub orbit bombing platform... Thank GOD our grandfathers & grand mothers won!!!!!

    hang on... crazy leader, large military, seamingly random invasions of countries....

  2. Don't forget brutal murder on a grand scale of its own citizens, burning of whole libraries of books, vicious supression of any contrary view, crippling of the Press and mass rallies of forced displays of loyalty..

    yeah, there's heaps of similarities..... to North Korea and Iraq and Zimbabwe, (or aren't they important??)
  3. Hey now, now Paul, no need to bring facts into these kinds of arguments, they aren't warrented around here :LOL:

    They just simply aren't big enough, or influencial on our lives enough, to be taken in the same scale... sure they could bomb us, kill heaps of people, cause unrest... that doesn't matter cos they're not the US...

    Last time I heard in this "media", N. Korea had WoMD (Weapons of...) and quite frankly i think they're crazy enough to use it first... Sure the US has 100x more, but who has more intent on using their gear?
  4. I love browsing that site. Putting everything else aside and focusing purely on the engineering/science aspect the Germans had some truly stunning designs on the table in 1940's. In a weird, peverse kind of way it almost seems a shame that many of them were never built.
  5. Yep, first jet-powered fighter aircraft, first rocket-powered aircraft, and a bevy of brilliant scientists who later put the Americans on the moon....
  6. In his early years as a leader, Adolf Hitler actually did Germany a fantastic amount of good. He turned teh nation around from the big depression it was in after the first war, and put huge infrastructure plans into place, including the autobahns, industry and some major engineering works and their very advanced aircraft industry.
    It's not hard to see how the German population fell in love with his vision for Germany, it's just a shame he forgot to share the later, oppressive, genocidal, blitzkreiging part of the grand plans.
    I think the population thought he'd done so well so far, these new ideas might be a little weird, but well, it's all good at the moment.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. G'day everyone,........

    And don't forget the UN as well,......
    It has caused more loss of life and liberty and suported and protected every dictator and despot as well.
    The UN,...always working to remove your rights and freedoms on a global scale!!

    Dr Who?
  8. At least Bush blames people in other countries for all his problems...
  9. It's just a little hyperbole. :) The real question you should be asking is why many people are so outraged that they can empathise with such a poster? :wink:
  10. The rate of technological progress during times of war always amaze me. It makes one wonder what we're doing when things are quiet. :) Likewise, so few ideas are truly new.
  11. :rofl:
  12. No, the REAL question you should be asking is of the millions of silent citizens of the world who DON'T agree with the poster.....
  13. :) ahh healthy debate i love it...

  14. Those are the millions who don't care what happens outside their immediate circle of work/home/friends - they're only knowledge of what's going on in the world comes from what is fed to them by the media. Which in the US, like most countries, is usually biased to suit some political/economic agenda. For example any media outlet publishing damning criticism of Bush may find it difficult to get a seat next time he calls a press conference - or may find certain companies (ie those that the Government "looks after" and vice versa) start to pull their advertising. The most dangerous thing for any country is for the population to cease caring about what the Government is doing - that's how people like Hitler and Bush get elected (and re-elected).
  15. I have no interest in questioning the apathetic millions about anything. Sorry. :wink:
  16. Actually, it could be argued that the Germans weren't the first for rocket powered aircraft - the Russian BI-1 rocket fighter was in armed flight testing before the German Me163 'Komet' was in unarmed flight tests.

    The project was given the axe due to disinterest from the Russian airforce in general, and the death of the lead test pilot named Koudrin. Never entered combat or mass production.

    But aside from that nitpicking point, yes - German engineering was often ahead of its time in WW2. The Elektroboats (submarines capable of 18kts on electric power while submerged - most surface ships could barely do 20kts on the surface), and all the crazy aircraft designs.

    Though don't forget the Americans had two zepplin aircraft carriers in the '30s, with five fighter aircraft each and a cool crane and trapeze system to launch and recover them (and you thought the game Crimson Skies was pure fantasy!). ;)

    Face it - supplying alcohol to us engineering types is a baaaad idea. :)

  17. sounds like engineering in hobart... :wink: