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Gerday from Tassie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by East Coast Cruiser, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hi All, I have to say G'day in the lounge to stop NetRiders Popup driving me nuts ! Have been riding off road for years but finally decided to get a road bike again.
    Loving it !! forgot how good it feels riding the twistys down here, holding your breath before you pass ?? days old roadkill, nodding to other riders (old, or young, on traillys ,on cruisers, on racers even scooters) who cares we are all out here having fun, the smear of insect guts on your visor or the current hazard down here - getting peppered with christmas beetles who are obviously flying too fast.
    Current ride is my Elimintor. Just debaffled the exhaust and derestricted the carbies. Have 30% more horses and got them all pulling in the same direction. Bike will never be a racer but with the balance of Kwaka engineering, power and weight it's a blast in the twistys.

    Cheers from a happy rider, still scraping the bugs from my teeth !!
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  2. Welcome Mate, I am always envious of Tassie riders, beautiful place I need to get back again. Ned is leading a ride down there late in Feb perhaps you can catch up with that bunch for a ride.
  3. Beat me to it CJVFR;) Welcome ECC, yep, 10 or so of us will be cruising your part of the world soon. You're welcome to hook up for a ride with us if you like.
  4. I'm heading down there this friday with out the bike for 2 weeks.. Going with my mother and father..
  5. That would be great. Would love to cruise a leg with you guys if you get over onto the East Coast. There are some fun rides here on the coast. The run to Pynegana is great - then there's lunch at The Pub in the Paddock and feeding Priscilla the pet pig with a beer (slops of course from the bar or xxxx -she doesn't mind but we wouldn't waste our Cascade or Boags even for the photo opp. ) If you love twistys ? The Pass up Mt Elephant (known as The Elephants Ass) and back down St Mary's Pass (known as Mary's of course) is a perfect. 35klm of heaven and you can link the two back along the Coastal Hwy (dropping in at the Iron House Brewery on the way). Me and a couple of mates (Suzi 500 and new "old" royal Enfield Bullet) have been known to spend many hours on the Perfect Ass Circuit. Lunch at Iron House , desert at the Mt Elephant pancake parlour, beer tasting at the brewery, coffee at the pancake parlour . Round and round how good can life get.
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  6. Welcome to NR , ECC ; and thanks for the tips !
  7. mum and dad, no bike. bugger x 2 ! keep your eyes open and think of it as a reconnaissance trip for the future. c ya back on 2 wheels soon
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  8. Yeah its my first time and they have been down heaps of time.. I want the grand tour on my first time.. If they go next year bike will go 100% :)
  9. Welcome mate and you're a lucky gun to be living in Tassie. I've done the Tassie circuit 2 years back with a Harley group(with me on a Ninja 650!!). Great trip. My son and I are heading over soon after the Superbikes at PI. Cant wait. Check out ROT (Riders of Tassie) on Google. They often have group rides. Hope to catch one of their guys around Swansea on our way down to Hobart. Cheers
  10. Word of warning for the Tassie Tour group. If you are doing the East Coast leg watch out for snakes ! Just prior to xmas came out of a nice tight corner and there was a snake stretching from the white line to near the verge. No where to go so feet level with the handlebars, full noise and hit him near the head end. He was a big fat bugger, lifted me off the seat. Quite a shock but nothing compared to the one my mate got following ! 6 foot of pissed off Tiger not sure which way to go. If you can't avoid them try and aim about 18" from the head, this stops them flicking up at you or landing in your pillions lap. If you are following -good luck ! better to risk a bite than take a dive.
    Saw a 5 footer at Four Mile Creek on Sunday on a gravel road. Stopped to let him cross the road and he just lay there and hissed at us. Revved the bike to a 5G and he retreated in a hurry. See LOUD pipes do save lives Spotted another on the road 20 klm further along but he was already pretty flat. Message is be prepared. Also lots of Roo and Wombats on the verges at dusk because the bush is very dry particularly over the Lake Leake Hwy .
    And if you are riding the passes watch out for rocks on the road. Its so dry quite a few are falling from the cuttings and have a habit of sitting right in your raceline

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  11. ^^^ niiiiiiice !!!
  12. Hey mate, the Mrs and I took a ride up your way a week and a bit ago. Stopped in for lunch before heading home.

    Welcome :)
  13. Wood Fired Pizza at The Swansea Barkmill Tavern I bet !!