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Geraldton to Sandstone (WA)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by middo, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    The missus and I went for a two day ride from home near Geraldton, to Sandstone in the Eastern Murchison, and back. A distance of about 1100 km over the two days. We camped at Sandstone, and I will upload photos and a few anecdotes over the next couple of days.

    Or first stop on the way was in Mullewa, about 100km inland. It has a fascinating Catholic Church, designed by Monsignor Hawes:


    The route took us on through Yalgoo, to Mount Magnet, before heading out to Sanstone in gold territory. We didn't take a lot of photos on the way out, but this between Yalgoo and Mount Magnet:


    and this one:


    It is very flat, straight roads through big sky country. We had to dodge a kamikaze goat, an emu doing what emu's do (being stupid), and also a goanna trying to be run over by both bikes.

    The missus took this one at a wayside stop.


    We arrived in Sandstone in time to put up the tent, blow up the air mattress, and hit the one and only pub for roast lamb dinner with beer.
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  2. Nice photo of the Church. Were you using a polarising filter for that shot or just a straight UV filter? (or no filter at all)
  3. Photos all taken with a Pentax K-x on 12Mp using their "happy snap" settings. The lense is an older sigma 28-80 from when we had a 35mm Pentax 20 years ago. Lenses are forward compatible. No filters, as the UV filter happened to be on the 100-300 lense in the bag at the time.
  4. Back to the trip, we got up reasonably early and headed out to a lookout 30kms towards Leinster, which provided us with great views of the ground level change in the escarpment.


  5. We then headed back to town and visited the "London Bridge"




  6. Not far from London Bridge is an old hand carved cave, which is not a mining relic, but instead was the cellar for a brewery from 100 years ago. I guess cold beer was a relative term before refrigeration:

  7. We had a significant delay before heading home as the power was out in town until 11.30, which meant the only fuel station was not working. Next fuel was 160km away, so we waited.

    Later, on the rad back towards Mt Magnet, we saw some wild flowers:

  8. Between Mt Magnet and Yalgoo we found this old railway siding. The railway line operated until 1978, so this is only 30 years of decay:


    We also had a visitor come to look at us, but then when we moved he ran away:

  9. From memory this was taken between Yalgoo and Mullewa, about 150kms from Geraldton. The rabbit proof fence. I don't know which side the rabbits are meant to be kept on, as we saw them on both sides of the fence.

  10. Last couple of photos, from just out of Mullewa. The trains now stop ay Mullewa. I wonder why?



    Great fun, and we got home tired but enjoyed the trip immensely.
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  11. Lovely snaps and narration.It seems you guys had a great time on the road :)

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  12. I think i need to go to WA. Be still my nervous wallet.

    I've had an encounter with an emu as well, just curious how you managed to avoid hitting it since they seem to come running for you?
  13. It was the missus who has the close encounter with the kamikaze bird. Fortunately she saw it moving on the side of the road and braked hard. It kept running and passed in front of us.

    WA has some magnificent scenery, but it is a fair way between towns. There were four towns in 550 km's, and one of those is not really a town. Yalgoo has a 24 hr pay by card unmanned fuel stop, and a pub. We couldn't get a bottle of water there when it was about 35 degrees, so had to push on to Mullewa, which is about 120 Kms. We will be better prepared for this in future.
  14. I've done the Leinster to Mt. Magnet section about 3 times each way when riding from Adelaide to Port Hedland and Karratha. I worked in both places over a three year period. Sandstone was a rest stop for me, the shop/post office was visited a few times but I never needed to get fuel as the bike would cross that section quite easily.

    I was tempted to do an over-nighter at the look out but never seemed to get there at the right time........lol
  15. The 250 Virago my wife is currently riding has only a 9.5 lithe fuel tank, so regular stops are a necessity. This is one of the reasons we are looking at a Vstrom or similar as a replacement when she finally gets around to getting her big bike license.

    The look-out had one vehicle camping there. I might consider somewhere like that in the future as we have plans for a central Australia trip in the future. Although, showers and toilets in the camping ground were clean and welcome after a long ride.