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George The IV in Picton

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bird-man, May 25, 2016.

  1. Dunno how many of you guys have been to the George over the years, and it's a good ride either over razorback and/or out through the oaks, oakdale and in to Picton. They used to make their own beer at the George, best beer ever in my books. The Bock is like a meal in a glass. Anyway, a few years ago they stopped making it and new owners that are related to the original owner have bought it and after settling in, have finally brough back the Bock and the Lager. AWESOME. It's not made on site, however it's still the same recipe and I've been out to test that to make sure. So if you know about the beer and didn't know it's back, now you know and if you don't know about the beer, Go and try it. I'm heading out there next weekend for another fill :)

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  2. I used to live at Harrington Park and would regularly head down to the George to get my supply of Burragorang Bock, I remember it said on the label/box 'treat like milk'. what a nice drop it is, nectar, sweet nectar!

    will have to head down and grab a few bottles, thanks for the heads-up Bird-manBird-man
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  3. I'm not a drinker but I've ridden past the pub a lot....
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  4. I used to love this place, but the last couple of times I was there I was dissapointed with the food. I thought it wasn't good beer food,

    The second problem I had was that they classed the rear eating area as outdoors and were allowing smoking. So there was basically nowhere in the pub you could eat without being effected by smoke. It was annoying for adults, but not good if you brought kids along.

    I haven't been there for a while, so both might be addressed by now.
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  5. ibastibast there's probably a no food area now where all the smokers can complain about some pig ruining their delicious cigarette by eating disgusting burger right next to them ;-)
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  6. I smoked a little bit when I was younger, but I don't get people haveing a cigarette just before or after a meal. You may as well just eat porridge all the time for what it does to your taste buds.
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  7. They've just removated the place also. I'll be there on Sunday for a couple, I'll let u know
  8. see if you can get a seat out the front at one of the tables to the side of the car park under the trees, that's the best spot and you won't get smoked out. you can also check out the bikes as they arrive and leave.

    it's a great stop for lunch but doesn't open very early which is a shame. please let us know what you think of the reno.
  9. Won't be doing that for a while. Picton is literally under water. Pics of the pub aren't good. Think they're changing name to "Lake George" lol
  10. From the pub

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  11. think they just had some reno's also