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George Orwell was 30 years early

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Aug 28, 2010.

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  2. Pull apart an old sterio speaker and stick the magnet on the bottom of the car?
  3. It is a sad fact of life that a government in power becomes increasingly fearful of their constituency and feel the need to limit their powers and freedoms in the name of public safety. Many of the themes explored in 1984 have come to pass.

    The need to have a continuous Bogey man enemy, Eurasia = Al Khaeda
    Reality Control/Doublethink = Political Advertising.
    Telescreens = CCTV, Speed Cameras, Tracking devices such as mobile phones and more overt devices such as discussed by the OP.

    Winston and Julia in 1984 eventually are worn down by the state and come to love Big Brother.

    Closer to home in Victoria the Control of Wepons act has just given Police the right to strip search without warrant people including Children. It saddens me that governments feel such moves necessary.

    Control of Weapons Amendment Bill 2010

    Section 10G of the Principal Act provides police with the power
    to search persons in designated areas without warrant. This
    pertains to all forms of searches, as set out in Schedule 1 to the
    Principal Act, in areas designated for the purpose of searching,
    whether planned or unplanned and includes the power to conduct
    strip searches.

    An apt quote perhaps:

    Politics have no relation to morals.
    Niccolo Machiavelli

    However I have great faith in the contrary nature of human beings, when a system becomes too oppressive in one area it is generally forced back to a more moderate position. Governments are tiny insignificant things compared to the might and majesty of human will.

    :-({|= Sorry I have had a couple of Whiskeys and am in an introspective mood. 8-[
  4. Introspective is OK; parranoia is treatable

    1984 was originally going to be called 1948 but Orwell thought that date was a bit close to the time the book was released

    I'd hate to see how some of you would manage in a country where you REALLY have something to worry about; every day Christians in Islamic countries are arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed simply because they are Christians......
  5. We are being monitored right now shhh.
  6. Close... Orwell's manuscript wasn't finished unyil December 1948, and the book itself was published in 1949. The irony of the title was that it was depicting what was already occurring in Stalinist Russia, but which could also happen elsewhere...

    (Orwell had been, let us say, a little dark with the Communists since he'd seen the way they f#cked the Socialist and Anarchist union militias during the Spanish Civil War. If you're interested, you can check out Homage to Catalonia, which is his memoir of this campaign.)

    Interesting that the news item focuses on the legality of the surveillance method (i.e. all that 4th Amendment shit). I thought the whole point of covert surveillance was that it occurred in a space of quasi-illegality in the first place: do whatever it takes, just make sure you don't get caught doing it...

    Any of you mob found anything suspicious under the bonnet of you DB5 recently?
  7. A couple of things here. Firstly, you've quoted a Bill, which means that it's a proposed Act, not yet law. Has it been passed into law?

    Second, doesn't Victoria have some sort of Human Rights Charter? If so, wouldn't this contravene it?

    At work the other night a mate printed out and bound a list of "prohibited weapons". It comes into effect in the New Year. There are some really nasty looking weapons in there including a huge curved knife or blade that looks like that one they depict on Star Trek's Klingon alien race.

    There are also the standard looking pocket knives. And we're wondering how our work supplied Leatherman Supertools qualify and other foldable pocket knives that we use as tools and which could be found in our pockets. My bike jacket has one that's about 50mm long.
  8. Which is why its important not to let one's country degrade to that point, why its important to oppose things which potentially give a government far too much power. Such as being able to legally abduct anyone for essentially any reason at any time (slightly off-topic, I know, but relevant).

    Isn't it technically illegal (in Victoria) to have, say, a 20cm chef's knife sitting around in your kitchen?
  9. In that case, I am massively in breach of the law. I have, in addition to a 20cm chef's knife, two 26cm chef's knives and a cleaver.
  10. Not to mention actual chefs, who regularly carry a whole set of knives to and from their workplace.
  11. And the relevance to the above story is?????
    Are we talking about ALL Islamic countries?
    What about the Christians killed murdered and tortured in non islamic countries or is this yet another irrelevant to the topic Hornet blanket statement?
  12. To me, it came off as a "You shouldn't complain about this, think of what the starving children in Africa people in totalitarian countries have to put up with" (which is a relevant comment). Hence my "And that's exactly why we should be complaining about this sort of thing" response.
  13. Working on dredges etc i *always* have a good rope knife in my pocket... Few times its been life or death (or at the very least, risk of serious injury) needing to cut some lines holding barges etc, and its a good thing its there.
    About half the time i forget to take it out until i get home and go to take out my wallet whoops knife in there again.
    I can see the day coming when i get pulled over by a cop and i take my wallet out to fish out my licence and grab the knife instead :D.

    Also, chefs usually carry them in a locked box.

    On topic though...
    I think my missus is more interested in that then the government should be. Id be doing whatever i could to block the signal :p.

    Reading the article a little more i see this...
    What if your driveway has a closed gate like mine? :D

    Heres hoping that all this solar activity takes down the GPS sats :p.
    I can read a map just fine... and i know how a compass and sextant work.
  14. I agree, let's just wait until we REALLY have something to worry about. We'll come for you...
  15. so there's very little to stop us from planting a gps dart on a mobile speed camera vehicle and publishing it's locations?
  16. Bear in mind that the ruling was in the USA (and only applies to nine states).
  17. Being debated in Parliament at the moment and yes it does contravene the Victorian Human Rights Charter. The Human Rights Commissioner has expressed concerns. With both sides of politics wanting to grab the public safety law and order agenda for the Victorian elections I can't see a lot of opposition. Who knows perhaps the opposition will grow a backbone.
  18. Weren't they tortured into accepting the futility of resistance, and lived as the system allowed awaiting the day they were taken away and executed?

    ... Also, on the GPS thing.
    That's fine; but I'd think anyone has the right to detach any object placed on their car by a stranger and smash it into little tiny pieces.
    These things aren't expensive, are they?
    Sry coppas, lulz.
  19. dose of liver pills for smee, please :roll:
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