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George Darwin

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by George Darwin, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone, in 2014 to celebrate 23 years in the armed forces, i bought and prepared 5 Ex-Army motorbikes for the adventure ride of a lifetime in Australia. Being a huge fan of the Burke and Wills story, i rewarded myself on retirement from the RAAF by inviting a group of my mates to ride my bikes from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria, following Burke and Wills footsteps. WOW, what an adventure!

    Like many in here, I'm in my 40's and my team who are the same age as me all faced a huge task taking on the Simpson Desert. I filmed the whole event and would love to share this journey with you as its now produced as a free 8 part documentary for you all to watch and enjoy. Each chapter is 30min and full of valuable information for riders and explorers on every level. Our mistakes are not edited over, you get to see all the ups and downs the come with such a huge journey. I spent so much of my money not only on the bikes and equipment for the adventure, but also on the documentary, and I want to share it with each and every Australian, as the Burke and Wills story should be shared. I'm a patriot who believes we need to teach our kids about Australia and our history before we make classes in school that teaches them the history and stories of other countries.

    We live in the best country in the world, and we all know it! we are the envy of the world, and like me i know you'd do anything to defend and protect Australia and keep it Australian. Come and watch the Doco and be part of our fantastic Journey ( Part 5 is my favourite ). Please say hi and introduce yourselves to me as I want to get to know you all. George Darwin.
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  2. Sounds interesting. I'll have a look when I get a spare half hour.

  3. Welcome to Netrider! Thanks for joining us and sharing your story.

    The Burke and Wills Adventure
  4. thank you for allowing me to share this great adventure.
  5. G'day GeorgeGeorge, welcome to Netrider. I've started watching your documentary series, now up to the start of episode three and enjoying it greatly. The efforts to make something like that happen would be fairly monumental! You know how to put a story together!
  6. Hi George DarwinGeorge Darwin and welcome to the forums. I know what I'll be doing in the evenings after cleaning up after dinner! One day I'd love to do something like that...

    The trip itself would have been both an adventure of a lifetime and a huge undertaking, but to make it in a documentary is amazing. Great memories of fun times with your mates bringing Australian history to life. That's what I'd call living a dream :)
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  7. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Gosh putting something like this together as doco was a huge event, but to be honest, we NEVER planned it like that. It all started after the "trailer of doom" broke and I filmed it and put it on Facebook. suddenly ALL our friends were replying saying " NO WAY NO WAY!" and asking for a minute by minute update in case the trip suddenly was called off. THATS when me and Dave realised we had a following lol!... ahahahaha Gosh it was fun..

    So from there I filmed everything, or as much as I could. However soon enough as the footage grew, and our uploads were getting seeing, we knew that much more had to be produced out of this, so on my return to Townsville, I booked myself into a class around the corner from my place and started to learn how to do basic editing. 12 months later, I produced this Doco. Mate it gets better and better, i hope you enjoy each chapter.. there are some serious ups and downs coming in the next two chapters. Do let me know what your thoughts are on it. Again, thank you for your words of support. George.
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  8. There is a final chapter in the making. This last chapter is a 1 hour special as it's a wrap-up of the adventure and then a behind the scenes look at how the Doco was made. I wrote all the music for this series and in the last chapter you'll see a video of my studio ( you can see it in part one ). This last chapter shows how I research and write the narration, record it, and then use Pro Tools to put together a soundtrack using various instruments ( mostly Guitar, Piano and Flute ).

    For those of you who are "The Bush Tucker Man" fans, you'll see how similar the formats are of my work and the ABC series with Les Hiddins. Finally the real purpose for this whole doco is to share our Australian history. Like most of you, I'm sick of hearing how our kids are being taught plenty about other countries and their languages and history, yet ours is ignored. This is Australia! and we should put Australia first. By all means our kids should and must learn about the world and its various cultures etc, but first thing first, teach them about home and make them proud to be part of the most admired country and place on earth. Thats what all this is about. Watch the END OF PART 4... listen to the wrap up in the last 2 minutes of that episode, as it says it all. Thats what we're about.
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  9. welcome to NR.
    I am looking forward to watching you adventure