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George Clooney has questions for YOU

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Georgeclooney, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. hey all.. i dunno if ive posted this in the right section for people in the know BUT
    the Honda CB500 twin (1989-now-ish), did honda ever release it here to retail? or has it mainly just been grey imported? because i cant find much of it on the market except for a sneaky few that pop up here and there out of nowhere.. i am new to biking and looking at either one of these or a suzuki GS500E (has anyone ridden both? whats your opinion on them which is better from your point of view? why? why not? how?) probably moreso from a reliability point of view in terms of 250ccs that rev to 19000rpm and cost a leg against 500ccs that rev at 11,000rpm and cost a toe.. oh and i have no doubt they shit on the 250s in terms of speed anyway and are more comfortable, fuel efficient, heavier, sexier.. but besides my opinion i just wanted to know those things.. and whether parts things might be an issue seing as it looks to be a rare bird around the motorcycle market.. unless im looking in all the wrong spots
    but yeh i dont get my Ls till the earliest of january so ill still have to ride all these bikes and more.. but for future reference..
    cheers all

  2. I believe they were imported.

    Actually they don't, at least not the fast 250s.

    But you're right in the other regards.. But when you place value in reliability then look at 1989 bikes its a bit contradictory. They are very rare when you compare them with gs500s which are very common and have more parts available.
  3. Only time I've ever seen a CB500 twin was last summer when I was over in Kiwi land.

    If you saw an import, it must be one of the only one's in the country. There is no import market for these.

    Good thinking on the larger than 250 bike, they are generally more competent. The GS500 is a brilliant bike, you'll be happy with it till you're able to get your open licence, no real vices.

    But if $ is a concern be aware than a 250 costs around $300 a year to register (including greenslip). Everything larger is around $700 annually, as much as a car! That's $400 you're pissing away on something that doesn't realistically outperform a sporty 250.

    The 4-pot 250's that rev to 19'000rpm are rarely well looked after, but if they were you could easily expect a CBR to last up to 100'000km's, don't be put off by reliability concerns, brilliant pieces of engineering.
  4. my bad i was just specifying the year they were made.. im looking at ones from 97 onwards for both types of bike
    there is ONE CB500 on the market right now that im a bit fond of taking a look at..its a 97 model but its got 49,000kms on the clock which is probably a bit much yeh?
    and then i probably wont be able to find any parts for it :(
    cheers for the feedback guys
  5. The rear suspension set up of the CB500 is something out of the Jurassic Park. Stick with the GS IMO. And yes, I've ridden both.