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Geometry measuring device& Frame jig

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ylwgtr, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Hi guys we just bought this unit for measuring/realigning chassis....very nice machine indeed.It has a full electronic measuring system that will print out a full geometry breakdown on the motorcycle.....An excellent machine for doing pre purchase inspections to ensure the bikes frame is within manufactures specs



  2. if your in sydney i got a job for ya,
    when can i bring it around someone tried to shrten their whhel base with a feew impact adjustments.

    BTW that looks realy bloody expensive
  3. just at the time that I am looking to get my frame checked out ... lol
    where are you from? how much to check my frame?
  4. Troy, nice bit o' kit you have there.

    Can it bring forks/frame back into spec geometry?

    By the way, Troy's repair shop is located in Tullamarine Melbourne.
  5. nice troy

    so will you also be able to do VIV inspections on auction bikes? :D
  6. yes rob it is a bench so you can realign with it.....Nam,in regards to the VIV system there is currently no measuring system been implemented by vic roads for bikes....thats because no one in here has a digital system....cars is another story...for cars they require an underbody measurement to pass a VIV....so this will be a good thing given the fact that what may be repairable write off (because they dont know that the frame is bent)this machine will now prove it is bent(therefore needing repair or replace) and meaning a higher qaulity of damaged vehicles being put back on the road.....or one that is a stat (because again they dont know the state of the frame)...however it may also work in reverse for some people....but it atleast brings some form of qaulity control to a system that very much needs it....
  7. With the hole in the market Bob Martin Engineering's closure has left, looks like you'll have to clear the workshop for all the bikes you'll be getting through!

    Troy, do you have a website? If so, it can be added to the NR directory links fairly easily mate.
  8. Great stuff troy.. Might come for a look.. Lets hope i wont be needing to use it.. :shock:
  9. Troy, will the jig be up and running soon?
  10. no rob...i dont have a website....may look into it a bit later on...the jig is in transport at the moment....will be up and running in a month or so...will update as soon as its landed
  11. Cool thanks, I might have you check something for me when you are all setup.
  12. I did not see a name of the manufactor,is it a Computrack system,they
    were origanaly started in OZ,head office in OZ but no machines were in OZ,every other country in the world but here.
  13. They will be quing around the block,great gadget