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Geoff Taylor M/Cycles for service??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by raven, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Does anyone out there have any experience with these guys (Dandenong)?

    I don't trust my bike with service departments unless I really really have to.

    Just wondering if I can trust these guys not to stuff up the bike that is running superbly in all respects other than what I need them to do?

  2. I bought my spada from them. They prepped it before I bought it - it isn't dead yet. One of the older mechs there seems to be okay.
  3. my experience with them was the guys upstairs were nice, but dont bother with the service department.

    i doubt they'd wreck your bike, but you might come out with a whole lot of new parts that you didnt need.
  4. Can't speak highly enough of these guys. Have looked after 4 of our bikes over the last 5 or so years and trust them completely. Kevin is the service manager, and a terrific bloke as well as very professional.
  5. I bought my bike from them brand new and their service is exceptional. I'd recommend them to anyone.

    Their service department are quick, they're happy to give you a loaner bike and they call when the job's done. Then you'll get a call from them about a week after you've had your service to check that everything is ok and you're happy.
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys.
    I shall wade into the waters. :)

    I bought my new FJR there, and wanted to be able to put my trust in them (as much as I ever trust any service dept).

  7. Kevin and the guys have one of if not the best and well organised workshops you'll find in Melbourne. All the guys are experianced and well trained in what they do. If you take your bike to them you will get a top job.
  8. I have 4 bikes and they service them all, as Mouth said I also can't speak highly enough of them, recently got the CBR1100XX serviced and it came back running better than it ever has before.

    Just remember you get what you pay for when servicing.
  9. Taylors service

    Took my bike to Taylors in Dandenong today for full service. Very happy, never had the bike cleaned and bike parked running and ready to rock and roll. Running even silkier than it was if that's possible for an FZ1 ;) But it could all be because I had to suffer on one of those SR250s for the day (one of their courtesy bikes), no offence to anyone who currently has one of these. They seem very professional and honest (eg. rang me a few times to ask if I want such and such looked at, and things I listed to go over, if it didn't need doing they didn't touch it). I even got a tip at the end on how to oil the chain properly (oops).
  10. Kevin (service manager) and his team do a great job. Trusted many bikes over many years to them, and never once been unhappy.
  11. Should be OK. Most peole speak highly of them.

    Lets face it, you're not thinking of doing something stupid like taking it to Redwing, so it can't end too badly. :)
  12. Only experience I have with em is dropping in outta the blue &
    asking em to fix a rear puncture I'd discovered that morning when
    washing. They fixed while I was there.
  13. I got my FJR booked in just after the New Year, and I want to say that the service was excellent. Everything I specifically asked for was done, plus there was evidence of other small tidy-ups and tweaks that I noticed as well.
    Certainly could recommend them. :)

  14. I took my F4i for its scheduled 6,000Km servicing. Very nice bunch and even provided a free courtesy bike. I was really happy to hear that until I saw it - a bloody Yamaha Two Fiddy! :eek: 'Nuff said.

    As they'd come in very highly recommended, I took my bike there figuring they're a Honda service dearler. They've got to know what they're doing. I'd specifically asked them to look into a slight 'noise' i could hear around 5,000rpm. The guy right off the bat says "Oh yeah, probably Cam Chain Tensioner" problem. We'll fix it. I was like "wow.. umm.. okay"

    Anyway, long and short of it. Picked up the bike. Sounded great, running great for the first 5 mins. Suddenly there's a clatter ALL the way from 3,500rpm until 6,000rpm. I was so pissed off after the hefty $300 plus service fee. Ended up taking it to my usual mechanic. Took less than an hour, charged me $45 and asked me who worked on the bike cuz it looked like they didn't know what the hell they were doing. Whoever worked on it, had tensioned the CCT to the wrong specs, spring wasn't loaded properly and it was a much worse problem. Turns out the CCT wasn't the problem anyway, it was a loose fairing! :mad:

    So that's my experience of Geoff Taylor Honda in Dandenong. Overpriced and not-so-technical in my humble opinion. They offer a very nice slick service that makes you feel warm on the outside and kinda hollow on the inside.

    I do not mean to offend all those who're singing their high praises. Just my own experience and I will stick to my mechanic who fixed the problem, no other BS, and more importantly NO MORE noise of any kind!
  15. bummer...sorry your experience was not as good as mine.
    I'm glad you spoke up though...it shows that there could be some probs with them..

    Who is your normal mechanic? :)

  16. I know man. i mean i'm not one who usually goes out of his way to badmouth people. But I just felt compelled to write about "MY" experience. Maybe I'm a one off. Let's hope so anyway.

    The place I've been going to for more than a couple of years now is Performance Bike & Watercrafts on Cochranes Road, Moorabbin.

    I mean I was paranoid about the CCT being stuffed up and wanted a new one put in, just in case. He reassured me that he'd tensioned it right and if i was THAT worried about it, if it went anytime in the next few months, he'll replace it free of labour. I mean what more can i ask for? He does the job for me and I'm more than happy to recommend him and the guys anytime. Not a single bad experience to report.
  17. Thanks for the info on your mechanic...They are a fair bit out of my way, but I'll bet there are others that will appreciate knowing about them.

    The good thing is - the bike is good now. :)

  18. No problem. From my own experience, the guys there have come through for me on more than one occassion. I'd recommend them to anyone provided you can get through to him on the phone. :LOL: He's a very busy guy.

    Definitely two thumbs up for Mick! :)