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Genuinely didn’t see that coming.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kale87s, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. G’day all, being a new rider (7months) I’ve quickly gotten used to people in cars sometimes not seeing me & pulling out in front. Up until now I’ve always seen it happening & have been able to slow/stop in a fairly neat fashion, until this afternoon.

    I was travelling on quiet stretch of road doing 70kph nearing a side street with a car coming the opposite direction. As I was getting closer I saw a silver Holden coming along the side street toward the intersection so if backed off slightly & it came to a stop. Just as I’m at the intersection the car then decides to floor it across the intersection & turns directly into my path (as well as the other car) making me brake hard & head for the side of the road where I came to a pretty messy stop & missing it by less than a metre but was still upright. Before I took off again I could see that the other car had also stopped but was moving off having seen I was ok.

    I caught up with the silver car & honked my horn to which he gave me the finger, I was f***ing pissed off but I doubt he even knew what he had done. I was going to follow them till they stopped but after losing him through a roundabout & thinking of the consequences of confronting them I headed home.

    I was lucky but it’s good to know I’ve got the basic skills to get myself out of a sticky situation like this.

    Well that’s my rant, hope your all having a great weekend :D
  2. Glad you got through it ok. Ranting at them won't help. They either know they did it or they don't. Telling them won't fix it and there are numerous ways it can make things a whole lot worse. You did the right thing.
  3. That is fucked. I ride like I am invisible, except when the 5-0 are about, then I ride like I have flashing neon arrows pointing at me
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    As i was directed here a few months ago, i now practise The SMIDSY when i'm on a main road with side streets that threaten cars jumping out at any time.


    I saw another rider the other day doing it, cracked me up as i rode behind him. Good, knowledgable rider!

    Of course, it doesn't stop Idiots, like the damn bus driver that didn't bother looking right as he shot out from a side street on my left, causing me to lock my tires.

    Stay aware, friend!
  5. Yep the smidsy maneuver is great, ive been doing it since i started riding and touch wood nobody has done a severe smidsy to me yet, practice it often it could save your bacon one day.

    As for catching up with and beating up the driver, this is why i follow atgatt... good luck winning a fight with a motorcyclist decked out in leather and a full face helmet who is wearing carbon knuckled gloves and solid riding boots
  6. Now you both mention it I’m positive I’ve seen other riders doing that, I’ll give it try & see how I go. Situations like I was in where there was no following traffic it could make all the difference.

    Haha I thought this too but my old man told me once he ran into a brawl outside a pub still wearing his full face, another bloke just grabbed his helmet by the chin guard & started laying knees in

    In hindsight If I’d have been able to have a word with them I think the best way to get through would be to mention had I not braked I’d have been coming through their window at around 60kph.
  7. This is very true. You are unlikely to be any good in a fight if wearing your helmet. Not that I'm condoning it, but if you're about to be in an altercation, ditch the lid in a hurry.
  8. For those who watched too much Simpsons.

    "This padding's so easy on the knuckles, I could punch all day"
  9. @kale: good job on getting out of it mate! sounds like you pulled off a bit of a houdini :D

    also, good job on going home. be thankful you got out with only a brown mark. making a deal out of it will do no good and will only end badly.