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genuine warning

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by wizzardofaus, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. I got this today and the warning appears genuine.
    Yesterday, a friend of mine was travelling on a Melbourne to
    Frankston train. A man of Arabic appearance got off the train and my friend
    noticed that he had left his bag behind. She grabbed the bag and
    ran after him, caught up with him in the terminal and handed him back
    his bag.
    He was extremely grateful and reached into his bag which appeared
    to contain large bundles of money.
    He looked around to make sure nobody was looking and whispered "I
    can never repay your kindness, but I will try to...with a word of
    advice for you: Stay away from Frankston!"
    My friend was genuinely terrified.
    "Is there going to be an attack?" she asked him.
    "No ..." he whispered back...... "It's a sh1thole."

  2. cereal anyone :p :wink:
  3. more like serial
  4. umm no it's meant cereal, ie like you eat cereal every morning, another way of saying this joke is posted every day.... etc :wink: geez it's not as funny when you have to explain it :(
  5. Sorry, mate, I was also alluding to the same thing, ie, it's a serial, popping up every day.
    I wasn't trying to ruin your joke, just add to it .....

    {goes away and sits in corner for half an hour for being naughty}